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Pennsylvania Sedge Description

Carex Pensylvanica is a low sedge with delicate arching.

Carex pensylvanica is Semi-evergreen leaves are 1/8" broad. It grows in a clump to 8" tall. Narrow, grass-like, medium green leaves (8-12" long) are typically shorter than the flowering stems. This sedge is widely used as an accent plant in gardens. This sedge is native to acidic meadows and woodlands in the Piedmont of the Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina, Georgia, and eastern North Carolina. This is an excellent forage and cover for waterfowl in the wild. It provides an excellent habitat for monarch caterpillars and is a nutritious food source for birds in winter. 

Carex Pensylvanica is a grass-like sedge with graceful arching leaf tips. This shade-loving plant has slender bluish-green leaves. Soft, delicate, and arching, Carex Pensylvanica is an exciting grass that adds interest to any garden. It is a lightweight plant and hence, easy to trim. This clump-forming sedge spreads by seed. Look for the beautiful, fernlike leaves to wave in the breeze while the delicate, feathery flower spikes add a touch of airy grace and beauty to a moist, shady garden border or woodland setting.

Carex Pensylvanica is one of the most desirable sedges in that it is a clumping type of sedge.

Clumping species are not invasive and easy to control as they spread. Easy Care: Low maintenance, this grass-like sedge does well in most garden soils and does not require pruning. It works excellent for sunny or partially shaded areas. This Carex species is undoubtedly eye-catching, with graceful, arching leaves that are shades of yellow, green, or blue-green. In early spring (in USDA zones 5-7), the plant is topped with stiff spikes of flowers with male or female flowers. Carex pensylvanica hazel-green Sedge is an easily grown small dainty fern. It can spread quickly and would make an excellent yet hardy ground cover.

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