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Pokeweed Plant 3 For $12.99 Description

Pokeweed Plant

The Pokeweed Plant, known botanically as Phytolacca americana, is also called American pokeweed, poke sallet, dragon berries, and inkberry.

Pokeweed Plants are herbaceous perennial plants in the family of Phytolaccaceae. The plants bear simple leaves on green to red or purplish stems and a large white taproot. Pokeweed Plant flowers are green to white, with berries that ripen from red to purple to almost black. A very hardy plant, Pokeweed Plants can be found commonly growing in the southern United States, where folks make a spring dish called poke sallet (or salad) out of the tender spring leaves. Its berries are best used for natural dyes and are not good for consumption.

Pokeweed plant care and maintenance

The Pokeweed Plant is considered invasive in some regions, so ensure that it is okay to cultivate where you live. Pokeweed also spreads rapidly and can take over the ground where you plant it, so you may consider using it as a ground cover that is separate from other plantings in your home garden.

To grow Pokeweed Plants:

  1. Pick a spot that receives 4-8 hours of direct sun daily.
  2. Add some organic content to the soil, ensuring that it is moist.
  3. Sow the seeds in rows about 4 feet wide and 6-8 inches apart.
  4. Keep the soil moist after sowing. The Pokeweed Plant will grow rapidly due to its very long taproot, so you will have plenty of plants to thin out.

You can thin the Pokeweed seedlings to 3 feet apart when they reach 3-4 inches tall. Pokeweed plants do not require any care once established. You will, however, have to keep the soil moist before seedlings appear. Pokeweed Plants require less water once established and are resistant and free from pests and diseases.



Pokeweed Plants are a terrific food source for songbirds, including the gray catbird, northern mockingbird, cardinal, brown thrashers, other types of birds, and small animals. Domestic animals or humans should not consume Pokeweed berries.


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    Poke plant

    Posted by Don Rice on Apr 22, 2022

    I was very happy to receive my plants in one piece. They were packaged very well. Definitely a plus!!

  • 4
    Poke plant

    Posted by Linda Webster on Apr 22, 2022

    I recently stumbled upon this website and ordered from them, and to my delight I was not disappointed

  • 5
    Poke plant

    Posted by Drew Lumbar on Apr 22, 2022

    I grew up eating poke salad as we called it with eggs, I'm delighted to have this plant as my own so I can reminisce from my childhood days


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