Beginner Plant Packages


Beginner Plant Packages is a package of 5-20 bare roots plants

It is described as an economical way to start your garden without the worry of overspending since you receive a wide selection of evergreen and deciduous plants. As a top-rated online nursery in Tennessee, TN Nursery offers a variety of perennials and evergreens all at affordable prices.


Tennessee Nursery's Beginner Plant Packages are an intelligent choice for your home or garden. This great deal includes everything you need to start growing plants at home, including a Beginner Plant Package so that you can take your gardening skills to the next level. These plant packages have been carefully chosen to help you get more bang for your buck while allowing you to try out new kinds of plants!

The TN Nursery Beginner Plant Packages offer you the opportunity to grow hundreds of trees and shrubs

The Beginner's Plant Packages are the products we are currently selling and distributing. These packages are geared toward people new to gardening and those looking for low-maintenance plants.


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Our small business has served all of the Trump Towers, 911 Crash Sites, and The Discovery Channel. Look at all our beginner package options today.


Plant packages are ready for you to use in your garden now. Low prices for a variety of plant packages. Choose from three categories:


Welcome to TN Nursery! . Our plant packages are easy to grow, pest & disease-free, and guaranteed to arrive safely, ready to plant! Whether you're a seasoned DIY'er or a novice gardener, TN Nursery offers expert advice on growing your plants. Subscribe now to receive bi-weekly emails with tips and tricks that will give your garden a healthy start. 


TN Nursery is a family-owned independent bare root plant nursery. TN Nursery has been doing business exclusively over the Internet since 1999. Throughout this period, we have specialized in small quantities of a wide range of hard-to-find botanical varieties at prices that are among the lowest available anywhere.


Bare root plants are shipped in early April and late November each year. Bare root plants are shipped in a peat moss substrate w/o soil, light, or water. The roots of bare root plants are dormant and do not grow any new roots during their journey to you. When you receive your package of bareroot plants, transport the container to your garden so you can open it outside.



 Shop online and get free pre-planting instructions for your bare root treesshrubs, perennials, roses, and more. We ship both spring and fall plant packages.


 Stay informed with our newsletter. TN Nursery features plants such as pink dogwood, redbudsugar maple, arborvitae, birch trees, and over 500 species of trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials.


Older plants tend to have deeper root systems, which means they'll use less water. At TN Nursery, we ship all of our plants as bare-root plants so that you can make sure they're healthy before heading out to the garden. It's essential to know how to properly plant your plants so that you can ensure healthy growth and a higher survival rate.


 Our planting instructions were designed for easy reference in the garden and include tips for success. You can also find out more about TN Nursery and our over 35 years of experience in the plant business!


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