Best Plants For Aromatherpy for Tennessee Gardens

Best Plants For Aromatherpy for Tennessee Gardens

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jun 18, 2022

Including top fragrant plants in Tennessee gardens and landscapes increases peaceful enjoyment by making everyday people feel more relaxed.

Although many people purchase essential oils, scented candles, and burn incense to reduce stress, nature remains the most potent healing force. Research indicates that the sweet smells of top fragrant plants play a substantial role in our wellbeing. No one can deny that when we "stop and smell the roses," so to speak, we enjoy an enhanced sense of wellness. Designing landscapes and infusing gardens with fragrant plants rank among the most effective ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatic therapy.

Our TN nursery team would like to share ways to make your property look and smell beautiful as experienced professionals who work closely with our community members to improve the quality of life through nature.

How Does Outdoor Aromatic Therapy Work?

Although primarily associated with holistic treatments, aromatic therapy also enjoys deep scientific roots. Research indicates that fragrances stimulate smell receptors in the nose. This, in turn, sends a potent message that resonates in the brain's limbic system. This portion of the brain manages things such as moods and emotions. These rank among the top benefits of outdoor aromatic therapy from breathing in top fragrant plants' scents.

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Improve Positive Outlook
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Improve Restful Sleep
  • Manage Headaches & Discomfort
  • Improve Digestion

Many therapists and holistic practitioners purchase expensive essential oils to provide aromatic therapy. However, the top fragrant plants at our TN nursery deliver pleasant smells year after year.

How To Plant A Fragrant Outdoor Aromatic Therapy Garden

When creating a mood-enhancing garden, the importance of fragrance cannot be understated. Each person smells in a slightly different fashion. And the effect on mood can also differ from one person to the next. Given that fragrance ranks as the primary driver, it would stand to reason that your nose should have the final say on plant selection.

Consider mapping out a private space away from distractions where you can sit and relax. Organize the area to include top fragrant plants in a way that you will maximize the scents while sitting nearby. Keep in mind that flowering plants bloom at different times of the year. Factor in these times to maximize ongoing use of the space and quality of life benefits.

What Are The Top Fragrant Plants For Aromatic Therapy In TN? Below is a list and where to buy these plants also.

When planting top fragrant plants, color, texture, height, and the right blend of aromas influence moods. Most property owners select perennial plants and flowering vines to minimize the amount of ongoing maintenance and care. These are the top fragrant plant options available at our TN nursery.

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  • Black-Eyed Susan: This subtle perennial offers a pleasant aroma. Some compare it to Sweet Grass. A Black-Eyed Susan garden will flourish in TN, reaching heights of 28 inches and generally flowers from June through October. BUY HERE

  • Spirea Plant: Also known as the "Meadowsweet," this 3- to 4-foot shrub provides a pleasant aroma when its mid-summer flowers appear. BUY HERE

  • Daisy: This perennial thrives in TN and gives off a subtle earthy fragrance. Daisies tend to clump together, reach 3 feet, and flower for spring through fall. BUY HERE

  • Orange Daylily Plant: The fragrance of Lilies in a summer garden tends to be most noticeable in the evening. A Daylily will grow to about 4 feet tall when planted in well-drained soil with good sunlight. Each plant produces one flower daily. Some bunches can produce upwards of 400 in a single month. BUY HERE

  • American Wintergreen Plant: The "Teaberry" plant, also known as the "Teaberry" plant, the foliage produces a robust wintergreen scent when crushed or scratched and smelled. Some people harvest its leaves to make tea. BUY HERE
  • Wisteria Plant: The abundant flowers that emerge during spring and summer make the wisteria plant one of the most bountiful for outdoor aromatic therapy. Wisteria plants produce various fragrances that range from musky to sweet, depending on the type. These gorgeous vines can be employed as creepers or manicured as standalone trees. BUY HERE

A wide range of fragrant plants can help everyday people enjoy improved wellness while relaxing outdoors. You will also benefit from having butterflies and hummingbirds frequently on your property.

Get Top Fragrant Plants For Outdoor Aromatic Therapy At Your TN Nursery

To say that gardens and green spaces have a defined effect on how we feel daily would be an understatement. Fragrant plants highlight that very fact. We hope you get the peaceful enjoyment you deserve by selecting the right plants to enhance your mood at our TN nursery and basking in their scented glory. Our TN nursery has a wide selection if you consider an outdoor aromatic garden, and we are happy to answer any questions.