Tn Nursery Reviews- Entrepreneur Publication

Tn Nursery Reviews- Entrepreneur Publication

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 10, 2022

The CEO at Tn Nursery is a Featured Writer On Entrepreneur The CEO at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, Tammy Sons, has now added Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor to her long list of credits. Her article "3 Key Ways to Be a Successful Business Owner in 2022 and Beyond" ( appeared on on January 13, 2022.

Tennessean Meet the Author

Living in the same Tennessee town just minutes from where she grew up and studying horticulture at TTU, Tammy knows Tennessee flora as only a native Tennessean can; it's in her blood and shows in her business as well as her writing.

In her first piece as an Entrepreneur author and member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, Sons homes in on taking proactive steps to ensure your organization cements its place in its industry and maintaining a laser focus on the short-term direction of the organization.

The steps she outlines include:

  • Aligning your brand with your customer's values.
  • Being willing to change direction when necessary.
  • Effectively managing money.

These are all values she has personal experience implementing and for which she's directly experienced the effects, as she learned them as Tn Nursery's CEO and has applied them to great business success and customer satisfaction ever since.

In the piece, she cites research studies, such as one published in Harvard Business Review that found nearly two-thirds of consumers cite shared values as the primary determinant of businesses they regularly patronize. She gives statistics and data to back up her assertions, offers case studies of successful businesses that followed these guidelines, like Starbucks and Airbnb, and provides deep analyses of specific, relevant topics like sustainable food businesses.

To view Sons' profile on Entrepreneur, visit author Tammy Sons. In addition to being a featured writer on Entrepreneur as a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, Tammy is a Forbes Council Member, contributing articles on topics like:

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She is a member of the Newsweek Expert Forum as well, contributing articles on topics like:

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Tammy also writes regularly for the Tennessee Wholesale Nursery blog, including penning recent articles on:

How to create a sustainable, self-sufficient food supply system

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About Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

A family-owned and operated mail-order nursery shipper serving both retail and wholesale customers, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a third-generation nursery that, as of 2022, is in its 68th year of operation. Current owners Danny and Tammy Sons work hands-on onsite, personally overseeing daily operations to ensure excellence in shipping only the highest grade of plants. With a selection more extensive than most nurseries in the country, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery sells a variety of high-quality perennials, specialty plants, food-plot plants, ground covers, and live garden mosses.

The selection includes wetland plants and water plants, ferns and vines, and fragrant and flowering plants. They've got plants to repel mosquitoes and deer, and they've got plants to attract birds and hummingbirds. They sell adult plants, trees, seedlings, bulbs, rhizomes, and tubers for growing many of these plants, trees, shrubs, and other greenery. They offer native plants for Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, California, and elsewhere. They ship to all 50 states and provide fast shipping of all their products to ensure they remain vibrant and viable. Another critical way they ensure all the plants they ship arrive healthy and vital is to ship only bare-root plants. These are plants freshly dug up while dormant or in their natural state of rest, so they have no foliage or blooms to wilt or fall off and rot in transit.

This increases their survivability tremendously, with bare-root trees, for example, having a 95-percent survivability rate. Best of all, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery provides all this at competitively low prices. You can even visit their store on the family farm, where you can feel the rich heritage of generations of horticulturalists and perhaps even meet Tammy and Danny in person. Since its inception, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has served over 150,000 customers, including 9/11 crash sites and The Washington Monument. They put out a regular newsletter, hold frequent sales and offer regular coupons and sell gift cards for friends and family or for your own future use. For all your horticultural needs, wherever in the country you may be, contact Tn Nursery online or call 931-692-7325 for sales and ordering or 877-958-8471 for customer service. You can also email customer service at