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Best Border Shrubs and Plants


 The best border shrubs are a great way to add that needed touch of color, texture, and interest at the front or back entryway. Not only do they add to the overall appearance of the plantings in your garden, but they also keep pests from entering your property. 



 The Best Border Shrubs and Plants


 1. Water Willow


 Water willow is an excellent choice if you have a place to add some water. The plant grows well in bodies of water and provides a soft and compact leaf that grows upright. This plant is easy to manage and looks great when used as a screen at the edge of a body of water.


 2. Smooth Sumac


 Long leafed and incredibly resilient, the Smooth sumac is an excellent choice if you have a place where you can add some shade. This plant will last for years and is effortless to care for. The plant comes in green and white but can be interchanged depending on your needs.


 3. Pink Crape Myrtle 


 This plant grows fast and is best used when planted in full sun to provide you with the most color and general use. The plant also comes in various colors, but pink and red are the most popular.


 4. Red Crape Myrtle


 The Red crape myrtle is a great plant to add that splash of color to your yard. The plant has various colors, but this type has the most vibrant and attractive orange and tinted leaves. That is a great plant to add to a fence or other structure.

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