Box Elder Tree

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Box Elder Tree Description

Boxelder Tree

The Boxelder Tree, or Acer negundo as it is known scientifically, is a species of maple.

A moderate-sized tree, the Boxelder Trees bear an irregular crown and has leaves that are smaller and shaped differently from the traditional maple. The leaves are light green with three to five lobes that bear a resemblance to the leaf shape of poison Boxelder Tree leaves do not have a waxy surface like other maple trees; its leaves also have a puckered texture. Tiny "flower buds" will fall from the trees during storms in the spring. Female Boxelder Trees also bear tiny seeds later in the season. The Boxelder Tree will remain green all year.

Boxelder tree care and maintenance

Boxelder Trees in your garden landscape are best planted from a nursery container or ball-and-burlap plant in spring. A very fast-growing tree, your Boxelder will become a substantial tree in your garden, growing a 1-foot-diameter trunk within ten years. Do not grow your Boxelder Tree near horse pastures since its seeds are unsuitable for horses.

Boxelder Trees are best used as landscape trees since it grows very fast in almost any soil type. It is a terrific choice if your garden requires wooded cover very quickly. The Boxelder Tree prefers moist acidic soil, so it is a good choice for stabilizing garden areas that are somewhat wet to prevent soil erosions. It also enjoys 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily and does not thrive in deep shade.


It's best not to plant your Boxelder Tree near buildings, structures, or walkways, since this tree is self-seeding and small trees can spring up rapidly. Boxelder Trees require little maintenance; however, long-term drought will weaken some of the tree's branch structure. When planting your Boxelder Tree as a landscape tree, water it during dry spells; an inch of water per week plus rainfall will allow this tree to thrive. Do not fertilize your Boxelder Tree since this also creates weaker wood, making the tree susceptible to wind damage. Prune your Boxelder Tree to keep it looking neat and remove old or sick branches. Boxelder Trees do not require special protection during the winter cold. 

Younger Boxelder Trees require protection from grazing animals, such as deer and rabbits, which can gnaw the bark. Applying a hardware cloth cage to your Boxelder Tree will protect its thin bark during its first growing years. The Boxelder Tree is free of serious diseases. Consider planting the Boxelder Tree for visual appeal as a unique addition to your home garden landscape.

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