Butterfly Plants


TN Nursery offers many butterfly plants such as the blazing star, Indian pinks, and the best seller coneflower

Our goal is to help gardeners enrich their gardens by providing convenient access to affordable and dependable butterfly plants. We work hard to maintain an extensive inventory of over 100 butterfly plants and counting varieties.

Visit TN Nursery and choose from a variety of butterfly plants. Our customers love the blazing star, Indian pinks, and warm colors of our coneflowers.

Tn Nurseries' best-selling butterfly plants

1. Jewelweed

2. Red Cardinal 

3. Coneflower

4. blue lobelia

5. Trumpet Vine 


TN Nursery has a large variety of butterfly plants. Butterfly lovers and gardeners alike love the dazzling colors and shapes of these tenacious and resilient plants that attract butterflies to your garden. 


Though Indian pinks and coneflowers (Echinacea) are the best-known members of this large family, there are hundreds of additional species. Some produce seeds that attract birds. All make excellent border plants or addition to butterfly gardens.


Our flowers and arrangements are available online or at our location in Franklin. We've hand-picked these fragrant plants and flowers based on the season and whether they're native to the Nashville area.


Make sure you're growing the right plant for your butterfly garden by finding a small delicate plant with colorful common names and then gathering information about that plant.


If you're looking for a colorful garden, try our hummingbird plants. You'll find our selection of butterfly plants to be large and varied, with many informative articles on attracting butterflies to your garden. When you grow butterfly-friendly plants in your garden, you are helping to bring butterfly habitat back into the wild, where it has disappeared over the years.


Introduction: The term butterfly plant is often used for any tall-stemmed flower, but it is most popularly referred to as tall-stemmed flowers that attract butterflies. Butterfly plants are also known as vertical accent plants or perennial molds. Butterfly plants are also very popular with birds, and anything from hummingbirds to mockingbirds will enjoy them.


Nursery TN offers many Butterfly plants such as the blazing star, Indian pinks, and the best seller coneflower. Buy Butterfly plants from TN nursery for your garden today!


Nursery TN can be your go-to source for all plants, including butterfly plants such as the blazing star, Indian pinks, and the best seller coneflower. 


We have many plants, including butterfly plants, blazing stars, and Indian pinks. The best seller coneflower is blooming bright in the fall, making it an excellent representation of the four seasons.


Nursery of natives and butterflies in TN. Varieties of coneflower, blazing star, Indian pinks, and more


Nestled in over 10,000 square feet of greenhouses, TN Nursery is one of the largest wholesale nurseries in the state. You will find many plants, including Butterfly plants (coneflower and blazing star), Native plants (butterfly milkweed and Indian paintbrush), Ornamental grasses, Annual/perennial flowers, Houseplants, Ferns & Ground covers, and Grasses.


Browse our collection of Butterfly plants. Bright and colorful, these flowering plants will bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. We carry plants like a blazing star, Indian pinks, and coneflower.


Whether planting in the spring or fall, your butterfly garden is likely a favorite with residents. Butterfly plants include blazing stars, coneflower, lupins, coreopsis, and Indian paintbrush, to name just a few.


New at TN Nursery, Butterfly plants bloom profusely from Spring through Fall with your choice of Large Flowering, Blooming Border, or Coneflower to fit everyone's taste. All plants are organic and will attract butterflies.


The coneflower is a rich purple color with cream-colored petals. The leaves at the base of the plant appear sort of grass-like. These plants attract many butterflies to your garden as they love the nectar from these beautiful plants.


Here is a list of butterfly plants that are known to attract butterflies.


Some of these plants are perennials and hardy in various states to last year-round


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