Button Bush Live Stakes

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Button Bush Live Stakes Description

Button Bush Live Stakes

Buttonbush Live Stakes, also known as Cephalanthus occidentalis, is a deciduous shrub that favors wetland habitats, making this shrub a great addition to rain garden landscapes.

Also known as little snowballs, honey bells, white pond-dogwood, swamp globeflower, and button-willow, this plant is one of only six Cephalanthus species and is the most widely cultivated. Classified under the large Rubiaceae family, Buttonbush Live Stakes is a flowering plant native to North America. This small shrub can also be produced as a tree and grows to about 10 to 15 feet tall. Buttonbush Live Stakes leaves are dark green, broad, and smooth-edged. Its tiny flowers are densely packed together and appear as tube-shaped corollas topped with protruding yellow stigmas. As a choice for water gardens or near a pond, the Buttonbush Live Stakes is an excellent choice.


Button bush live stakes care and maintenance

 Buttonbush Live Stakes love water gardens, rain ponds, or any consistently wet site with water as deep as 3 feet deep. Growing Buttonbush in a riparian environment provides seeds for waterfowl and songbirds that like to nest in Buttonbush Live Stakes foliage. Buttonbush Live Stakes grow best if left alone, making this a very low-maintenance shrub. Full sun is this shrub’s preference; however, Buttonbush Live Stakes will tolerate partial sunlight too. 



 When planting Buttonbush Live Stakes, your most significant consideration will be ensuring the soil is never dry. No pruning is required, yet if the Buttonbush Live Stakes becomes unruly, you can cut it to the ground in early spring. Buttonbush Live Stakes grow fast and rebound quickly after being trimmed.  A unique native plant to add to your garden, the Buttonbush Live Stakes is an excellent choice if you have room for it to flourish. This deciduous shrub can grow as tall and wide as 6-9 feet. Buttonbush Shrub is a lovely statement plant to mix in with smaller perennials. Its white blooms last all summer, and it will add some color to your garden through reddish brown fruits and yellow foliage. Besides waterfowl and songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies are plentiful when a buttonbush shrub is in your home garden. In addition, deer enjoy eating Buttonbush Live Stakes twigs and leaves.  Buttonbush Live Stakes will enhance any water garden or pond landscape, showcasing its blooms and foliage for many years.


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