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TN Nursery has many Moss such as carpet, sheets, and ground fern moss. Moss is used for indoor and outdoor use to add a natural touch to any environment.


TN Nursery offers an extensive range of Moss. From ground fern, sheet, and carpet Moss to unique varieties like sheet moss and carpet moss. TN Nursery has a wide range of various products that have been hand-picked for their quality and variety.


TN Nursery carries many Moss for landscaping and gardening, including sheet moss, ground fern, and carpet moss. Need some ideas on how to incorporate Moss into your garden? Check out our guide to growing Moss.

A diverse range of mosses is offered in the Moss Nursery to suit your every need.

The carpet moss is excellent for creating attractive ground cover and a carpet in areas such as between stepping stones, at the base of trees, or on patios. Sheet moss can be added to flower arrangements for an artistic look and feel. TN Nursery sells only the most delicate quality moss.


The Moss ground fern moss has a velvety texture and short, fine root hairs that allow it to spread quickly and easily in moist environments where other plants may rot. While the Moss is an excellent choice for accenting slabs, urns, and planters' backs, its large size makes it useful in decorative craft projects. We also offer sheet moss, a smaller species of ground fern moss that covers more extensive areas. It appears as small broken tufts that do not attach well to objects, such as logs and rocks. Moss carpet is perfect for covering a vast expanse of rock or an unsightly spot in the yard since it is thicker and will provide a durable layer of green coverage. These are just some of the many varieties we offer at TN Nursery!


All Moss. We have the best selection of quality moss on the internet. We have ground fern, sheet moss, carpet, and more! Our Moss is great for your next project's floral needs, including wedding decor, floral arrangements, and creative vases that will make you stand apart from all other florists. Our Moss will look stunning as a table centerpiece!


Choose from a selection of our styles and colors of Moss. We have everything you could need to make your project a success. Whether you are looking for ground fern moss, sheet moss, or carpet moss – we have it all!


Moss is a unique plant that does not have leaves, stems, or roots. It is versatile in that it comes either as sheet moss, ground fern moss, or carpet moss.


TN Nursery has an array of Moss in various colors, textures, and sizes. There are many ways you can use Moss in your garden. Whether you're using it to cover an area of soil, as a decorative ground cover, or add some texture and contrast to a container, you have many options.


TN Nursery specializes in providing high-quality Moss, Ferns, and Grasses. Our Moss can give a completely new look to your garden or home interior as it acts as an excellent ground cover, a decorative container plant, or can even be used on draperies, pillows, and more! Moss is an attractive alternative to traditional flooring growing in popularity over the past few years.


We have what you need to take care of your lawn and garden. Moss is always in high demand. Check out our selection of Moss from Tennessee Nursery.


TN Nursery is dedicated to providing hard-to-find plants and products at reasonable prices. We maintain a large inventory of trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants, including many rare and unusual varieties, and we are constantly adding new varieties to our plant list.


Visit the Tennessee Nursery to see our large variety of Moss. We have different mosses like carpet, sheet, and ground fern moss for sale. Moss has been proven to be a suitable species for water retention, and it's also great for landscaping and rooftop gardens.


TN Nursery can deliver the Moss you want to your door. Moss is famous as ground cover in shady areas, rock gardens, and ponds, or growing over stepping stones. Moss is an excellent option for Tennessee landscapes! TN Nursery carries many Moss from Sheet Moss to Carpet Moss and Liners.


Welcome to the TN Nursery Moss page! Feel free to browse and choose from TN Nursery's range of mosses. Here you will find sheet moss, groundsheet moss, carpet moss, and more! We stock a large variety of mosses in multiple shapes and sizes.


TN Nursery is committed to providing quality service to our customers. We grow, process, and sell high-quality native moss products. Moss is an excellent accent plant that adds beauty and color to your landscape while controlling natural erosion. TN Nursery also sells sheet moss and carpet moss which can be used in craft projects, homemade garden décor, or animal play areas. Moss makes the perfect gift for any occasion!


Our Moss is the variety and size you need for your home, office, or yard. Create a beautiful and natural look using Moss or use in your plants to grow with Moss. We have many different kinds of Moss from sheet Moss, edge Moss, ground fern moss, carpet Moss and many other options.


Welcome to TN Nursery. We are a small plant nursery in beautiful western North Carolina growing a wide variety of hard-to-find and unusual native plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. We have great prices and can ship plants anywhere in the United States. Our collection of native plants, trees, and shrubs is so extensive that we separated our offerings into different subcategories called "all" Moss and Fern Moss. Check out our other plant categories, such as Big Leaf Magnolias, Rhododendrons, etc.; we have more than 128 plants to choose from!


TN Nursery has a variety of mosses, many of which are used as groundcover, but it's also great for adding character to landscapes. These evergreen plants can add interest and life to dull garden areas. Moss is easy to care for and doesn't need special fertilizer or watering.


Our Moss is grown naturally in our environment with little water and fertilizers to enhance its natural qualities

Our Moss is ideal for all of your landscaping needs. However, our plant material is grown in a well-controlled nursery environment and arrives healthy and ready to grow. 


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