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Plants For USDA Hardiness Zone 10 

The USDA Hardiness Zone system is the standard by which gardeners choose plants likely to thrive in their geographical location. Average long-term annual extreme minimum temperatures define 13 zones. 


 Zone 10 has minimum temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 to 4.4 degrees Celsius). This zone is an area with mild winters and hot summers. Cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and Miami are all in Zone 10. Zone 10 has the most extended growing season in the continental United States.




 Crepe Myrtle trees have showy blooms that make them an excellent choice. Crepe Myrtles also have lovely fall foliage, sometimes lacking in trees that grow well in Zone 10. Oak trees thrive in Zone 10. They have large canopies which offer great shade and can be grown in areas with poor soil.


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 Persimmons grow well in Zone 10. The trees are easy to grow and disease resistant. The foliage turns lovely colors and drops in fall, leaving the gleaming orange fruit like jewels on the bare tree. Blackberries are another plant that does well in Zone 10. The vines flower in late spring and early summer, with berries ripening mid to late summer.




 Hibiscus loves the full sun in Zone 10. This perennial shrub will produce big showy flowers yearly and are relatively low maintenance. Brown-Eyed Susan is a flowering perennial that attracts bees with its lovely yellow flowers and nectar. Blooms will last longer if Brown-Eyed Susans are planted in the shade.




 English Ivy grows well in Zone 10, and the evergreen leaves give a rustic beauty year-round. Trumpet vines have showy red flowers that bloom when planted in full sun. It is drought-tolerant and easy to care for.


 Growing in Zone 10 can be a joy for any gardener.

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