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Zone 11 is a harsh, unforgiving climate, perfect for hardy plants. Zone 11 is so cold that even the most hearty plants will fail. But according to some plant experts, some fantastic plants can thrive in Zone 11! From tough-tasting trees to drought-resistant plants, read on to find out which plants will help you thrive in this harsh climate.


 Coontail (Cyperus esculentus) has a pleasant, grassy smell that attracts insects.

 The plant is found in damp areas. You can plant this plant in soil with a pH of 6 to 8, and it can grow up to 2 feet tall. You can plant it in containers and take it with you when you move to Zone 11.


 Topiary moss (Holcus lanatus) is a low-maintenance plant with a long history of use in gardens. It requires little water and is tolerant to drought. It grows in areas with poor soil and low light and can be used for hedges or as a ground cover. You can plant this plant in containers, taking it with you when you move to Zone 11.


 The Box Elder Tree (Acer negundo) is a tree that grows well in Zone 11. It has a dense canopy, preventing the sun from shining beneath. It is also resistant to frost and drought. You can plant the Box Elder tree in containers to take it when you move to Zone 11.


 Many plants can help you survive in Zone 11. Choose plants that are easy to manage and have minimal maintenance. Although many plants can be grown, you should also consider the weather conditions. When purchasing plants, you should also consider the climate of your area. You can also use these plants for landscaping purposes and survival purposes. By planting these low-maintenance plants in your yard, you will have a beautiful and colorful garden.

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