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According to the USDA, the climate in plant hardiness zone 5 is defined by mild, humid summers and winter temperatures between -20 to -10°F. Generally speaking, plants that thrive in this climate are more tolerant to extreme cold than heat and prefer stable temperatures that don't fluctuate much. This zone is typically found in the forested areas of the mid-continental United States. Some examples of zone 5 cities include Denver, Omaha, and Minneapolis. If you live in a zone 5 area, here are three plants that will do well in your garden.


Plants for Zone 5


  1. Eastern Red Cedar


 Evergreens are a zone 5 favorite due to their cold-hardiness and the fact that they stay green all year long. In particular, the eastern red cedar is a triangular, coniferous tree that does well in most soil types and wind conditions. Its foliage is pleasantly green and lacy, making tree-trimming a breeze.


  1. Daffodils


 Daffodils are the perfect plug-and-play flower for zone 5. Bulbs planted in the fall will grow in the late winter or early spring seasons without much attention. Usually found in white, yellow, or orange shades, a crop of daffodils will bloom strongest in the spring before slowly dying off, which helps them save energy for next year's bloom. Additionally, daffodils can attract pollinators and repel deer, contributing to your garden's upkeep and beauty.


  1. Nikko Blue Hydrangea


 You can't go wrong with the fast-growing Nikko blue hydrangea for gardeners needing a dramatic addition to their collection. This deciduous shrub prefers moist soil and partial sun, which is ideal for zone 5 planting. In the summer, the plant produces attractive clusters of blue flowers and seldom requires pruning. Protecting the soil with mulch during the colder months will help encourage the plant to produce more flowers in the summer.

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