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PINK TRILLIUM is a perennial flower native to North America. It is found in moist, rich woods and along streams. The plant grows with green leaves on top and maroon on the bottom. It has one central flower per stem, pink with pointed petals; it blooms in early spring. 


 Pink Trillium Plant Appearance

 The Pink Trillium is a small, flowering perennial that grows from a bulb. It has three large leaves and one pink flower. The plant grows 2-4" tall and has an underground bulb that stores food for the following year's growth. 


 Pink Trillium Plant Description

 The Pink Trillium plant is a small, flowering plant that belongs to the lily family. This perennial plant produces pink flowers in early spring. The flowers are shaped like a star and consist of three rounded petals--two points upwards and one point downwards. The plant's leaves are arranged in an alternating pattern. They grow from a bulb and have a round shape. The leaves are green on top and maroon underneath. Pink Trillium plants have small roots that help anchor the plant in the ground. 


 Pink Trillium Plant Habitat


 Plants thrive in moist, rich woods or along streams in North America. This plant can also be found in the wild as a self-sown seedling. Though it has no problem growing in moist, rich soil, it prefers well-drained soil rich in humus. 


 Pink Trillium Plant Usage and Care


 The plant is best propagated by planting the bulb obtained from North America. The plant prefers full sunlight and moist soil, but not too wet. It will be ready for a flower 3 - 4 weeks after planting. Bees and other insects pollinate the flowers, so planting the bulbs can help attract these pollinators. Plants can be grown in pots, but it is preferable to plant them outside. 


 Pink Trillium Plant Propagation


 Plants are best propagated by using their bulb. It is an easy plant to propagate since it is self-heading. All one needs to do is plant the bulb. The bulb will grow into a new plant in a few weeks.

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