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Shop Zone 8: The Vivid Colors  

Shop Zone 8, While nothing says spring quite as well as gorgeous flowers blooming in various colors, Zone Eight’s long growing season sets the stage for vibrant beauty all year long. Check out a few of our favorite plants to enhance your gardening space.




Stella De Ora Yellow Day-Lily Plants are hardy, full-sun perennials, and butterfly plants thrive in Zone Eight. Regular watering will maximize blooming, yielding a bright yellow flower. Growing in large bunches with leaves that fan out around the blossoms, these plants are a great way to add volume to your garden. Stella De Ora Daylilies make a lovely focal point in plots but are also excellent for borders and can even be used to form hedges. Plant near blue hydrangeas for breath-taking color contrast.


 If your yard has rich soil and gets more shade, consider the Celandine Poppy plant for your sunny pop of color. These ornamental flowers enjoy a long lifespan and will self-seed without being aggressive. The Celandine Poppy loves wooded areas but adapts well to flower beds and looks excellent with fern plants and our butterfly plants package.




 From flowering shrubs to evergreens, the possibilities for Zone Eight are endless and can provide some much-needed diversity, shade, and ground cover. Two of the most attractive tree options are Crepe (or Crape) Myrtles.


 The Natchez White Crepe Myrtle’s large, dense clusters of white flowers will brighten up your yard during the summer, and as the season changes, its lush green leaves will give way to the red, yellow, and orange hues of fall. Resilient and low-maintenance, the Natchez variety resists drought, deer, and pests.


 The Muskogee Crape Myrtle blooms with eye-catching purple or lavender wasps nearly five months out of the year. These fast-growing lovelies are disease-resistant, and their flowers will return yearly.

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