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Shop Zone 9- Creeping Phlox It's common to see creeping phlox (Phlox stolonifera) in rock gardens, as a ground cover, and even in the cracks of stone walls. They occur as clusters of fragrant, five-petal blossoms over an inch wide and bloom in the late spring and early summer. These flowers are known for attracting butterflies and other pollinators to a garden. 

 The creeping phlox leaves stay green and lovely throughout the year, even after they've finished flowering. It is advisable to sow your creeping phlox in the early spring to evade the dangers associated with frost, then watch it grow! Moderate growth may be expected from this plant.

Solomon's Seal


 Solomon's seal is a traditional shade garden plant with arching branches that visually appeal to garden areas. In the spring, the undersides of these stalks grow lined with tiny, bell-shaped, white blossoms. These blooms eventually give place to blue blackberries that wildlife cherishes. This plant's spreading and clumping behavior makes it an excellent groundcover for shaded areas.


 Growing Solomon's seal is a piece of cake. Their ideal growing conditions are wet, rich soils rich in organic content and a shaded location like the woods or a shadow garden. They are also capable of withstanding brief droughts after they have established themselves.

Red Hibiscus


 It's no secret that Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis is a fast-growing plant famed for its stunning blossoms. Sizes vary from 2 inches to over 10 inches, with the majority lying somewhere in the middle. Various colors and shades are available. Most are big shrubs that may reach heights of 4 to 10 feet and widths of 3-6 feet.


 These Hibiscus are recognized for their beautiful evergreen leaves and huge, brightly colored blooms. They can be grown on a deck or patio or surrounding a pool to create a tropical ambiance. A single plant may be a stunning focal point when kept in good condition, but they provide a sense of security and seclusion when grouped. These plants may also be used as a foundation in warmer regions, making them ideal for various uses.

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