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4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
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Common Spikerush 25 Plants $79.99 Description


Common Spikerush


 A member of the sedge family, the Common Spikerush also called Eleocharis acicularis botanically, it is perfect for a water-type garden environment.

Common Spikerush is one of 16 members of the Eleocharis species and is also considered a member of the Cyperaceae (sedge) family. Common Spikerush is native to North America, some areas of South America, Europe, and south-eastern Asia. Some botanists claim that Common Spikerush has two distinct variants, one that grows on land and one which grows underwater. Common Spikerush resembles many other plants of the sedge family since this plant generally grows in clumps. However, it can uniquely form a dense, lush carpet relatively quickly.


Care and Maintenance


 Common Spikerush is a hardy plant with a reasonably quick growth rate and propagation through its seeds, and long fibrous root systems make it a good plant for most weather conditions. Common Spikerush can help to stabilize garden areas with a high percentage of silt or sandy soil. Common Spikerush is a hardy plant that grows rapidly. Propagation through its seeds and long fibrous root systems make it resistant to most natural weather concerns. As a result, common Spikerush has a low risk for infestations and diseases. Common Spikerush is intolerant of drought conditions. Planting it around a garden pond or in low marshy areas is recommended since this plant can help stabilize the area and absorb excess water, thanks to its widespread root system. Soil compositions range from neutral to alkali. Common Spikerush thrives in sunlight and partial shade, yet for best results, full sun and warmer temperatures of 70 – 80°F help with swifter propagation.




This plant’s components serve as food for leafhoppers, leaf beetles, and the caterpillars of the yellow-collared scape moth. Common Spikerush seeds also provide food for many wetland birds such as coots, geese, ducks, and rails, while its foliage and roots are food for wetland mammals, notably the muskrat. 


Plant some Common Spikerush in your backyard water garden today and enjoy its lushness while watching water birds and other beautiful creatures!



Common Spikerush is available at TN Nursery at low prices and fast shipping.





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  • 5
    Common Spikerush

    Posted by Vincent Johnson on Jun 07, 2022

    Ended up buying more than what I needed, but just couldn't help myself because I always get quality plants

  • 5
    Common Spikerush

    Posted by Chris Spivak on Jun 07, 2022

    We ordered 100 of these spikerush and was very pleased with them

  • 5
    Common Spikerush

    Posted by Deron Crowder on Jun 07, 2022

    Some of the nicest bare root plants that I have seen, also a great value

  • 5
    Common Spike

    Posted by Ellen Cordova on Jun 07, 2022

    I would like to thank this company for the nice plants that I got on my first order...beautiful bare roots


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