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Creeping Buttercup 

Creeping Buttercup, or Ranunculus repens, is a flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. Native to EuropeAsia, and Africa, creeping Buttercup is also called Creeping Crowfoot and Sitfast.


Creeping Buttercup is a perennial with creeping stolons found in pastures, farmlands, natural wetlands, city gardens, and lawns. Creeping Buttercup stems reach one foot tall, and while its dark green with pale patches, and are divided into triangular hairy leaflets on hairy stems. The Creeping Buttercup produces brilliant glossy yellow flowers between March and August with 5 to 10 petals. This plant reproduces by seed through its long branching stolons that root at the plant's nodes. Creeping Buttercup's competitive growth crowds out other plants in wet soils and can spread 40 square feet in a year unless planted where it is contained. Creeping Buttercup can tolerate heavy, moist soils, yet it is not recommended for well-watered lawns, wet meadows, or gardens with poor soil drainage. Planting Creeping Buttercup by seed will reveal plants rapidly if placed in the right conditions. Your yard will be golden all summer long with this charming plant as a central focus.


 Care and Maintenance

Since Creeping Buttercup does just as it says, it is best used as a ground cover in gardens that need brightening or fillers. Creeping Buttercup will establish clusters that appear to cover the ground like grass. Its leaves are lime green, will grow 2 inches long, and bear sharp edges. The Creeping Buttercup plant grows around 5 inches from the ground like grass but does not form clumps or patches because its roots spread out.

Short-tongued bees are attracted to Creeping Buttercup for the nectar and pollen. They can reach the food with their tongue because the flower is open and flat. 


Ensure that you plant Creeping Buttercup far enough away from your house or other structures unless you are using it as a border filler that is fenced in. You can also place Creeping Buttercup along trellises or pergolas, training it to appear vine-like instead of allowing it to creep along the ground. Training them gives you more control of your Creeping Buttercup and will delight other pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies to visit your home garden landscape.

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