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Dandelion 3 For $11.99 Description

Dandelion Plants

Dandelion Plants, or Taraxacum as it is known botanically, is a composite flower that grows in all soil conditions.

A composite flower, the Dandelion Plant bears dozens of smaller flowers disguised as "petals" in each flower head. Once the Dandelion flowers mature as cypselae, they produce tiny oblong-shaped seeds with parachute-like pappi, which creates its white, fluffy appearing seed head. Dandelion seeds are transported by the wind, which is why they are abundant across the United States. The Dandelion Plant is an herbaceous perennial of the family Asteraceae. Its common name comes from the French words "dent de lion" or "lion's tooth," referring to the shape of the flower head that consists of ray florets resembling a lion's open mouth.

Dandelion plants care and maintenance

Start your Dandelion Plants in containers, then replant in the ground in a sunny spot. Since Dandelions are spread by the wind, making sure that the plant never goes to seed is somewhat drought tolerant, although the heads will dry much quicker without watering, leaving behind fluffy white buds. Growing dandelions in the shade will blanch the leaves to create a less bitter-tasting leaf. You can also manually blanch the Dandelion Plant leaves by covering the plants a few days before harvesting. The Dandelion flower grows from a rosette of deeply lobed leaves with thin stems. Flower heads are produced at the top of the stems, have a diameter of 7 to 15 centimeters, and appear as yellow or orange ray florets; some bear dark red centers.


Growing Dandelions plants in a home garden may seem a little unusual since most gardeners consider them weeds. Yet the Dandelion plant contains many nutrients. The green stems of the Dandelion Plant contain vitamins A, C, and K and also contain rich minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and manganese. In salads, Dandelion Plant leaves are delicious as an acceptable substitute for spinach. The dandelion plant is wholly edible and can be used in salads or blanched as greens, using the older leaves for cooking.


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