Deer Resistant Plants


Deer Resistant Plants To Keep Deer at Bay

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Deer Resistant Plants

1. Red Cedar

2. Button Bush

3. Mountain Mint

4. Pokeweed

Deer resilient plants will survive and encourage wildlife to your living environment. Some of our less common deer-resistant plants are mountain mint and hackberry trees.


Our plants can withstand deer, rabbits, and rabbits. We carry a large variety of cedar trees, mountain mint, and even a few other plants.



Are we looking for deer-resistant plants in Tennessee? Look no further



TN Nursery has the widest variety of deer-resistant plants anywhere. These are but just a few that we offer.


Deer are a significant factor in landscape lawsuits and insurance claims. TN Nursery can help you choose the right deer-resistant plants to protect your land. Just come by and visit our nursery in the Middle TN area.


TN Nursery is your source for deer resistance plants.


Plant some deer-resistant plants today and keep the pesky deer out of your garden.

We grow over 3,000 varieties of plants!


TN Nursery has a large variety of mountain mint and cedar trees, not to mention a few other plants that are deer resistant.


TN Nursery has many deer-resistant plants, including three cedar trees (Japanese Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, and the butterfly bush.


With a large variety of deer-resistant plants, TN Nursery is where to shop. From cedar trees to mountain mint, you at least know that your deer are not eating your plants while you are away. Deer control has never been easier, especially with help from TN Nursery.


TN Nursery provides deer-resistant plants and trees to East Tennessee. Many plants, including mountain mint and cedar trees, repel deer.


We try to make this site easy to use, so as you shop, please feel free to look in any of the tabs within our website. It will help you find the TN Nursery products and information you need, such as deer-resistant plants like mountain mint or cedar trees.


We know that deer can be a big problem in north TN, so we have selected several mountain mint plants and cedar trees to help keep these pests away from your garden. These aren't the only deer-resistant plants we have, but it's a start for you to consider for your property.


Don't have time to plant a garden? Or don't have the land? Not to worry, TN Nursery has you covered. Our nursery is dedicated to providing various garden plants, including perennial and annual flowering plants, woody ornamentals, and ground covers. We even sell deer-resistant plants! Come out and see all that TN Nursery offers; we're located in Mt Juliet just off I-40 at exit 226.


At TN Nursery, we know that deer can be a big problem for many of you, and we offer a handy list of deer-resistant plants. This list will aid you in your search for the perfect plant to enhance your home and garden. Check out our selection today!


Whether you live in Tennessee, Kentucky, or Georgia, TN Nursery will help you get the plants or trees you need to deter deer away from your precious ornamental plants and flowers.


Deer Resistant Plants


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