Drought Tolerant Plants

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Drought Tolerant Plants are perfect for areas that don't receive a lot of rain

Pink Hibiscus

 The Pink Hibiscus is a beautiful shrub that produces delicate pink flowers in the summer and fall. This plant grows best in zones 5-9 and can reach up to six feet tall. It does well in full sun and is drought tolerant, so you don't have to worry about watering it a lot. It is an excellent addition to your home with a high value for any landscape or garden!


 Red Dogwood

 The Red dogwood is a beautiful, hearty tree that will turn your garden or yard into a genuine wonderland. It's drought-tolerant and grows well in full sun. It's best to plant them in zones 5-9 of the US. The plants grow 10-24 feet tall and bloom pink flower clusters that turn into burgundy in the fall. The tall, graceful Red Dogwood is a timeless tree that's easy to grow. If you're looking for a tree that will add beauty to your home and garden, this is it.


 Japanese Snowball Plant

 The Japanese Snowball Plant is a beautiful and rare shrub growing well in full sun. The leaves are dark green and oval-shaped. These white balls of flowers on this plant are pretty enough to break your heart. It is drought tolerant. This plant can grow 8-15 feet tall and has dark green oval leaves. It is one simply stunning plant, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds with its blooms. 


 Black Raspberry

 This berry bush is native to North America and is one of the few raspberry plants with blackberries. The black raspberry is a hybrid of the red raspberry and the blackberry. It's an ideal plant for gardeners who live in zones 4 to 8, as it blooms in the spring and has a short growing season. Black raspberry grows well in full sun and is drought tolerant.

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