Evergreen Vines


The Advantages Of Planting Evergreen Ground Covers

Evergreen Ground covering plants serve a wide variety of uses and purposes. When seeking a good ground cover plant stays close to the ground and whose roots spread out into the ground to grasp and hold the soil.


 These plants can be used in shaded as well as entire sun areas. Depending on the soil type that one needs to cover, they will have several plants to choose from. 

 One of the first benefits of using evergreen ground cover is to prevent soil erosion.

When the plants grow and thrive in the garden, in a barren yard, or around a tree, their roots grab onto the soil. As the soil and the roots become intertwined, they act as a preventative device for soil erosion. English ivy is a perfect planting for this purpose.


Another good reason for using ground covering plants like phlox and English ivy is that it saves fresh water. The plants prevent the water from evaporating and being lost. 


It aids the soil in working more effectively for its gain, making phlox and other ground covering plants helpful in saving the resource of water and aid in replenishing and strengthening the soil.


The third benefit of ground covers is their ability to repel pests that would otherwise destroy or harm a garden. Flowering vines emit a scent that many larger animals do not care for. The best part of flowering vines is adding beauty and charm to garden space.


 Another benefit of ground covers is their ability to spread quickly, save money, and fill spaces rapidly. A perfect plant for this purpose is the evergreen vines. 


These plants can cover an entire yard within one season, saving money for the owner by not purchasing multiple plants. Evergreen vines are also beautiful and will continue to spread to cover larger areas.


For beauty, there is no other choice than vinca minor. Also known as lesser periwinkle, vinca minor offers beautiful blooms and rich green foliage that will add to the aesthetic value of any garden or area.


 Ground covers offer many distinct benefits for both the environment and the eye. If looking for a perfect ground cover for a garden or yard, one should consult with a local greenhouse for the hardiest plants for their area.

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