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Shade Ferns are easy to grow because they are native varieties and hardly any maintenance

TN Nursery has a variety of ferns for shade, such as the sensitive, walking, leather fern, and the best seller Christmas fern. 


TN Nursery grows organically and naturally in sandy loam soil, which keeps the soil moist longer than other soils I know.


The fern family is a large family with over 1200 species. These are shade-loving plants and make an attractive addition to any shady area. The most common types available from TN Nursery include the sensitive, walking, leather fern, and the best seller Christmas fern.


Have an adventure; explore Ferns for Shade today. TN Nursery has many ferns for shade to choose from, such as the sensitive fern, walking fern, and the best seller Christmas fern. Tough enough for any landscape project and easy to care for, these shade tolerant beauties are necessary for every gardener.


TN Nursery offers a large stock of shady ferns to create a shady retreat in your garden. A shady area created with ferns offers leafy shade and can enhance the beauty of your landscape design. TN Nursery carries various types of ferns for shade, including the Sensitive Fern, Walking Fern, and Christmas Fern, to name only a few. Enjoy beautiful ferns in our online store!


TN Nursery offers a large assortment of shady ferns for the shade garden. Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides) is an excellent choice for the woodland garden and grows very well in most areas of Tennessee.

TN Nursery has a great variety of ferns for shade,including:


Hay Scented Ferns

New York Ferns

Ostrich Ferns


TN Nursery has a large variety of shade-liking ferns that are an excellent choice for the home, the patio, and the gardens. These shade-loving plants come in various price ranges, but all feature attractive fronds.


TN Nursery specializes in the large assortment of shade ferns in different shapes and heights as a relatively hardy plant to provide greenery with some privacy.


These ferns are often found in moist, shaded areas and should have the same conditions in your garden. The sensitive fern is a deciduous species and one of the most versatile ferns.


 Christmas fern, cousin to Asarum, is another excellent variety that will do very well in partial shade to shade.

Ferns are a great way to do it when you want to bring the outdoors inside! 


These easy-care plants will keep your home looking green in any room. Whether you want lush foliage in your kitchen or a beautiful centerpiece on your coffee table, we've got something for everyone.



TN Nursery has many ferns for shade, including the sensitive, walking, leather fern, and the best seller Christmas fern. The leather fern is very long and will reach 1 to 2 feet tall, growing under trees or beside your home. 


The Christmas fern grows well in most soils, is easy to grow, may tolerate drought conditions, and has glossy leaves all year round.


Best Selling Ferns are Christmas Ferns, Hay Scented and Lady Ferns


TN Nursery has many ferns such as the sensitive, walking, leather fern, and the best seller Christmas fern. We also grow Japanese Painted Fern which has beautiful colors in the leaves on a mature plant. Our nursery is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and all of our plants are grown naturally by us.


TN Nursery has the ferns you are looking for with various ferns for a shade like the sensitive and the walking fern. Our best seller Christmas fern is ideal if you have a spot in your garden or shade area that gets at least six hours of sunlight and likes moist but well-drained soil.


TN Nursery is family-owned and operated, and they take pride in their business and product.


TN Nursery has a lot of ferns for a shade that is different from each other. The easiest ones to grow would be the Christmas fern and the leather fern. Not only do you not have to water these ferns often, but you also don't have to feed them as much.


Ferns are native and hardy in most areas. They also clen stagnant environments

TN Nursery has a large variety of shade ferns to consider. Our top-selling fern would be the Christmas fern if looking for a fern to give as a gift. 


There are many specific reasons to love this fern. The Christmas fern is not only beautiful but also practical. The Christmas fern will eliminate the need to purchase air fresheners, scented candles, or potpourri.


A pleasant and natural scent will fill any room with this lovely addition. TN Nursery offers an array of ferns for a shade that works beautifully in the landscape. Ferns for shade allow you to do many creative things with your yard. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular ferns for shade.


TN Nursery also specializes in Southern living plants. To provide an even more extensive assortment of plants best suited to your area, we offer a free exchange on any plants purchased as long as they haven't been planted. 


TN Nursery has sold the highest quality shade trees and shrubs to our customers for over 40 years and is made from beautiful, long-lasting products. There is something for everyone.


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