Flowering Shrubs


TN Nursery has a vast selection of flowering shrubs.


We specialize in Hibiscus, but we also grow blue hydrangea and Wegeilia, and many more explore our variety of flowering shrubs. We have a large selection of Hibiscus, blue hydrangea, and weigela.


Your search for flowering shrubs has brought you to TN Nursery. We have many varieties of rose bushes and oriental Lilly plants. Our Hibiscus and Hydrangea varieties are aromatic, eye-catching, and very easy to maintain. The Wegeilia is an excellent plant for attracting butterflies to your backyard. From the tall columnar Cercis to the bold tropical Hibiscus, we have many shrubs that will meet your needs and enhance the beauty of your home or office.


Like the blue hydrangea and Hibiscus, quality flowering shrubs are available right here at TN Nursery.



Are you interested in other flowering plants? Check out our selection of Wegeillia and Hydrangea Plant varieties.Choose from a wide variety of flowering shrubs to fill your yard and add color and texture. We have Japanese wegeilia, the Australian blue hydrangea, the South Pacific hibiscus, Daphne Moon Gold English lavender, and many more.


Not just flowers, but flowering shrubs as well. I'm talking about gorgeous blooms that brighten up your summer. And every other season of the year. TN Nursery's got plenty of varieties for you to choose from red Hibiscus, pink hydrangea, and yellow weigela. These flowering shrubs are not only lovely to look at—they're also easy to maintain and grow. We ship these flowering shrubs directly to your doorstep. TN Nursery is a corporation of certified and trained professionals in the nursery business. TN Nursery has over 150 different varieties of flowering shrubs and trees. Springtime excitement is all about new beginnings, and nothing says it more than flowering shrubs. Here at TN Nursery, we have a wide variety of flowering shrubs that are just waiting to be planted to blossom. Our tulip magnolia is a beautiful sweet bell-shaped flower with cinnamon-colored petals. Our red hypericum berry bush is even more gorgeous when it blooms across the floor of your home.


Tennessee Nursery has a variety of flowering shrubs for the home garden. Visit our experienced staff and discover the perfect addition to your landscape.



Have a garden that is a blank slate? TN Nursery's got the planting solutions to get you ready for spring! You can take your pick of flowering shrubs ranging from delicate to vigorous, informal to formal, and lush to modest. Flowers and foliage in a wide assortment of colors appear seasonally and continuously throughout the growing season. Nursery TN is a wholesale nursery with many Flowering shrubs like the Blue Hydrangea, Hibiscus, and Wegeilia. TN Nursery carries thousands of Flowering shrubs and Roses. Many of our flowering shrubs and trees bear flowers! Click the link to find the flowering plants to fit your needs.



Visit us online at TN Nursery, where we have an array of beautiful plants in full bloom during spring! From Azaleas to Hydrangeas, visit us today and see what we can do for your yard. For more info, call us at 931.692.7325 or visit our website at https://www.tnnursery.net.Though we have the more popular shrubs like Holly, we are excited to get more rare shrubs to TN Nursery. We carry many flowering shrubs and can help you find just what you are looking for to add charm to your yard. We even offer pick-up for those of you not wanting the hassle of having to plant and care for these items.


Many flowering shrubs can be used for hedges or privacy screening. Take a look at our selection, and you will indeed find something just right for you.

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