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 Tn Nurseries Best Full Sum Perennials


2. Mountain Mint

3. Indian Pink

4. Trout lily 

5. Milkweed


Browse through TN Nursery's selection of perennials, annuals, and bulbs. We carry many Full Sun Perennials like the trout lily, blue vervain, marsh hibiscus, and the beautiful yellow celandine poppy. These perennials will give your landscape or home garden color year-round.


We help provide you with the most beautiful garden in town with Full Sun Perennials. Our TN Nursery has a large variety of Full Sun Perennials.


 We have the trout lily, blue vervain, marsh hibiscus, and the beautiful yellow celandine poppy. If you want to brighten your spring, flower early in the summer, or even add late fall color, we can help you choose which perennials to plant.

 Sun Perennials are hardy favorites in a garden


Nurse your plants back to health with hard-to-find Full Sun perennials. We have many Full Sun perennials, such as the trout lily, blue vervain, marsh hibiscus, and the beautiful yellow celandine poppy.


In addition to shade-tolerant plants, our full sun perennials are available in the summer and fall. These include trout lily, blue vervain, marsh hibiscus, and the beautiful yellow celandine poppy.



 Trout Lilies grow in moist soil and have lovely blue blooms in spring, but only during the morning hours when they open up to the sun. The best part about Trout Lilies is that they're incredibly economical and easy to grow, so you don't have to spend countless dollars at a nursery for your garden.


 And who doesn't love flowers that thrive off of neglect? With our wide variety of perennials available for you here at TN Nursery, you'll have lots of options when it comes to enhancing your landscape in both color and style. Welcome to the TN Nursery family!


Full sun perennials require a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. They are very hardy plants chosen for the garden for their strong stems and the many colors these plants can produce. 


The trout lily grows to have a soft pink hue, while the blue vervain has a beautiful blue color. Other popular perennials include the marsh hibiscus, which has bright red flowers, and the yellow celandine poppy, which can reach up to 3 feet tall.


Nursery's spring climate promotes the production of a large variety of spring-flowering perennials. Our Full Sun Perennial collection includes native plants, hardy ferns, and shade-tolerant woodland wildflowers. 


TN Nursery is dedicated to providing high-quality flowers to our customers.Since 1981, TN Nursery has been the leading exotic perennial nursery in the South, specializing in hard-to-find and unique items. Full Sun Perennials will love growing in your garden, and your other plants will thank you for filling their shady environment with bright, cheerful colors. 


These colorful flowering perennials are ideal for growing in partially shaded garden areas. Not only do these plants add beauty to any landscape, but they also attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. It is essential to incorporate Full Sun Perennials into your garden for beautiful color and inspiration no matter where you live.TN Nursery provides a large variety of full sun perennials ranging from white to yellow to blue and purple. These plants include the daylillies, the blue vervain, the marsh hibiscus, and the beautiful yellow celandine poppy.


 Every one of these species can be used in fertilizer areas or planted in flower gardens or along garden borders.


A sun-intolerant perennial? That's right. Many often-used perennials are delicate in shady spots, but others want full sun all day—or at least from sunrise to sunset. TN Nursery offers a wealth of hardy, shade-tolerant perennials like trout lily, blue vervain, marsh hibiscus, and beautiful yellow celandine poppy.Nurseries know it's challenging to grow perennials in full sun, but TN Nursery has a variety of perennials that grow best in full sun conditions. We offer perennials such as the beautiful yellow celandine poppy 'Cameron's Gold,' the Trout Lily 'Clear Sky,' and the lovely Blue Vervain.



TN Nursery has many perennial plants that like full sun, with hundreds of varieties to choose from. TN Nursery also carries many shade-tolerant perennials for shadier areas, with hundreds of varieties to choose from.


We have a large variety of Full Sun Perennials. Come by and visit us!


We carry an extensive selection of perennials to shade and sun, which vary by season. We have an extensive collection of Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, and Fall perennials. We proudly serve the TN Flea Market crowds with all the color and diversity you need.


We pride ourselves on supplying a large variety of Full Sun Perennials if you are looking for Butter-and-Eggs, Cardinal Flower, or Redroot. Easy to care for, our perennials make it easy to add definition, texture, and color.

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