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Ostrich Fern 4 For $17.99 Description

Ostrich Fern  (Silvery Glade Fern)


The Ostrich Fern, also known as the Matteuccia struthiopteris, is a deciduous fern.

It produces bunches of bright green fronds that appear like ostrich feathers. The Ostrich Fern blooms in the spring and produces bountiful fronds similar to curly fiddleheads. The Ostrich Fern fronds may reach up to 4 feet long. A rhizomatous plant, the Ostrich Fern, can spread five to eight feet. In cooler wild climates, it can grow as high as six feet. The Ostrich Fern can be found in eastern North America, eastern Asia, and Europe and can remain hardy in degrees of 4F.

Care and Maintenance

Plant the Ostrich Fern in your garden in naturalized moist soil or by a stream or pond. They can grow in containers, although this method is not ideal for this plant. The Ostrich Fern has sterile fronds that create a large crown-shaped around spiky, tall, dark brown fronds. As spring becomes summer, the fronds usually wilt and disintegrate by early fall as they lose their leaflets and go dormant by winter. When harvested from the garden or purchased at a natural foods market, young Ostrich Fern fronds are best eaten while still succulent. The Ostrich Fern tastes like asparagus. In the garden, the Ostrich Fern thrives when planted with early spring wildflowers such as Dutchmen breeches or Trout lilies which will go dormant before the Ostrich Fern reaches its mature size. .</span></p><h2>



Ostrich ferns prefer to be in moist soil. The Ostrich Fern will yield a lush growth when planted in rich, organic, somewhat acidic soil that is almost wet. Avoid letting the Ostrich Fern dry, which leads to browning and drying the foliage, resulting in smaller and slower growth. Ostrich Ferns thrive best in shady places even though they can tolerate a lot of sunshine. It is best to ensure that they do not dry out. The Ostrich Fern will have additional water needs in warmer climates, so it does not dry out. 



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    &quot;Glade&quot; Ostrich Fern

    Posted by Joe Vega on Apr 25, 2022

    I love this place. I always get what I order.

  • 4
    &quot;Glade&quot; Ostrich Fern

    Posted by Cyndy Holden on Apr 25, 2022

    Year after year the ferns have come back beautiful. Time to try a new variety

  • 4
    Glade fern

    Posted by Vivian Sharpe on Apr 25, 2022

    Beautiful ferns at great prices

  • 5
    &quot;Glade&quot; Ostrich Fern

    Posted by Christine Walker on Apr 25, 2022

    I absolutely love the ferns!!


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