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Vine Plants

Vine Plants are a wonderful low-maintenance addition to your home garden landscape for a variety of reasons.

Vine Plants are easy to establish and require little watering once grown. As a gardener’s top-choice, Vine Plants should be high on your list. A Vine Plant is any plant that bears trailing or scandent (climbing) stems, and lianas or runners.


Perennial Vine Plants are an easy way to fill in a garden that requires a ground cover that adds a lovely decorative touch to your garden. Ground cover style Vine Plants have an extensive root system that helps to combat soil erosion where needed. Hardy and low-maintenance Vine Plants are able to flourish in poor-quality soil and will do even better with some added compost while your Vine Plants are establishing. Rapid growers, Vine Plants such as Wisteria Vine Plants or Honeysuckle Vine Plants will quickly and can improve unsightly areas of your home garden landscape dramatically.

Vine Plant Considerations

Many Vine Plants add exciting floral color and greenery all year. Aesthetically, Vine Plants such as the Trumpet Vine Plant or Trillium Vine Plant offer a range of colors from bright blue to vibrant orange. Annual vines such as the Hummingbird Vine Plant or Snapdragon Vine Plant will bloom for one season leaving behind a growth of greenery that is attractive on garden walls, fences, and pergolas. 

Your Vine Plants grow, rise, twine, and flower, with some even bearing fruit, such as the Blackberry Vine Plant. While Perennial Vine Plants will bloom for several seasons, you should consider growing Annual Vine Plants with bright blossoms or fruit. TN Nursery’s top sellers are 1. Creeping Phlox 2. English Ivy  3. Periwinkle, 4. Virginia Creepers, and 5. Trumpet Vines. Trumpet Vine Plants come in a variety of colors, pink Creeping Philox Vine Plants and the Vinca Minor or Periwinkle Vine Plants in both white and blue.

Vine Plants of any style add vertical interest to your garden since these plants climb high up a wall, trellis, or tree and can soften hash corners of a backyard area that needs more color and depth. For a fully green consideration, the English Ivy Vine Plant is an excellent climbing evergreen that offers lush green appeal all year with very little maintenance.

Flowering Vines Plants will bring fragrance as well as hummingbirds and bees. To your home garden landscape while serving as an excellent screening option that adds privacy to your outdoor space.


 For shrub-style ground cover Vine Plants, consider the Allegheny Spurge, which can reach a foot in height. The Allegheny Spurge Vine Plant grows best in shade or partial sunlight and is drought-resistant. This Vine Plant bears a beautiful white fragrant flower to the mix that blooms in early spring.

  For indoor vertical gardens or smaller outside urban garden landscapes, the Heartleaf philodendron is an easy-to-care-for Vine Plant that will survive in low light, planted in a hanging basket or on a vertical climber. Traditional Ivy Vine Plants are also an excellent choice and very popular as indoor plants with running vines. 

Country or English-style garden landscapes will benefit from Vine Plants since the plants will add that nostalgic quality that is reminiscent of these styles of traditional garden settings. Consider planting Perennial Vine Plants among annual flowering shrubs that will attract birds and pollinators. Use your Vine Plants to create a Secret Garden type appeal where you and yours can sip cool sweet tea while enjoying the privacy of your home garden landscape. Flowering, Fruit Bearing, and Green- leafed Vine Plants await your planting needs. Do consider Vine Plants as a central focus in your home garden landscape.


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