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Height at Maturity can be large, small, or medium on items for sale From Tn Nursery

Choose Plants The Perfect Height At Maturity - we have small, medium, and large plants.


Find my planting zone - Interested in finding out what plants work in your climate? Enter your zip code, our plant locator will tell you what your planting zone is. It will let you quickly pick plants that grow in your area.

Shop my zone - Shopping for plants that grow in your area is fast and easy. 


Once you figure out your area, you can filter our plant catalog to get a wide selection of plants that grow well in your specific climate.

Height at Maturity lets you choose the plant you want based on how tall it will get

Bloom time: If you want flowers that blossom at a specific time, we can help. Once you find out what time flowers bloom, you can pick styles that will produce bright blossoms during your favorite seasons.


Bloom color: Create a landscape that matches the desired color scheme by picking plants based on bloom color. This convenient feature helps you to find flowers in a specific color.


Usage: Need to know which plants work in a garden or what shrubs are suitable for your lawn? Our suggestions will show you how to find plants situated for each part of your landscape.


Height at Maturity is a helpful way to decide how to plant your home garden or landscape.


Hedges & Privacy: When you want shrubs for a privacy fence, browse our selection of hedges. We can help you find plants in various heights and styles. The suitable bushes will protect your privacy while creating a lovely fence.


Shipping Season: Some of our plants are available year-round, while others have seasonal availability. Find out our shipping times for all the products we offer so that you can get the right plant at the right time.


Height At Maturity: If you want to know how tall your plant will be when fully grown, see our descriptive details for our plants. You can learn what the average height for each species is, so you can quickly pick out the perfect size of the plant.

Height at Maturity on Items For Sale from TN Nursery with Quick Shipping and Low Prices 


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