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Hummingbird Plants

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For spectacular Hummingbird plants, visit TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery.

We can help you create a fantastic hummingbird habit in your backyard in just one season. A few essential Hummingbird Plants will attract hummingbirds and beautify your landscape simultaneously. One must-have good Hummingbird Plants to create a thriving habitat. TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery recommends the Hummingbird Plant vine as a starter for building the habitat around it.


 The best Hummingbird Vine Plant or Ipomoea campsis) proliferates, producing trumpet-shaped flowers attracting hummingbirds to your home garden landscape. The Hummingbird Vine Plant can reach a height of 20-40 feet, yet it can be easily tamed and kept at your desired size with springtime pruning. Hummingbird vines prefer partial shade and bloom from July through November. Two other vine choices for creating a Hummingbird Plant habitat are clematis and honeysuckle.

 Red is a favorite color among the tiny Hummingbird population, yet the fragrance is optional. Hummingbirds do not use their sense of smell; the vibrant colors of Hummingbird Plants draw them to the Hummingbird Plants. Choose Hummingbird Plant flowers that are red, yellow, purple, or orange and that will bloom at different times throughout the spring and summer. 

 When creating your Hummingbird plant habitat, remember that the little birds need nesting material and food to attract them to your home garden landscape. Consider Hummingbird Plants such as the catkins on willow and elm trees or the soft plums from ornamental grasses for a wealth of Hummingbird Plant nest-building materials for the next generation of hummers.

Use tall Hummingbird Plants such as Pink Hibiscus or Orange Day Lilies as a backdrop against a garden fence. These Hummingbird Plants are an attractive option for your home garden and reappear every season. Shorter Hummingbird Plants with greenery that lasts all year, such as a Butterfly Bush, will host pollinators in spring and add some greenery to a winter landscape while its flowers are dormant. Perennial dwarf shrubs, such as a White Wigelia or Red Crepe Myrtle, will continue to bring your landscape to life each spring.

Hummingbird Plants look terrific in many garden settings. For woodland-style gardens, consider planting Perennials among ferns and garden grasses, which are also shallow herbaceous rooted Hummingbird Plants that will bloom annually and sync with flowering Hummingbird Plants.

Hummingbird Plants thrive best in partial sun and can also be located in dappled shade as long as they receive several hours of good light per day. In gardens where pollinators and hummingbirds thrive, place your Hummingbird Plants where you and yours can enjoy watching them during the season. 


Consider Hummingbird Plants for the bulk of your garden landscape when you must use containers, such as for urban-style roof-top garden landscapes. Perennial grasses, ferns, and flowering plants such as the Daffodils, Butterfly Weed, Painted Trillium, and Jewel Weed is lovely Hummingbird Plants that will bring color to your urban garden landscape all year. In addition, you can relocate the containers inside during cold or severe winter weather.

 Hummingbird Plants are excellent money and time-saving considerations as a must-have for any garden landscape style. They are easy to care for and, once established, will provide seasons of Perennial Plant blooms and fruits and appeal to any setting. Consider planting Hummingbird Plants in your urban style outdoor landscape to add color and vibrancy and attract a multitude of hummingbirds. You and yours will enjoy many seasons of Hummingbird watching. Buy your Hummingbird Plants today!

TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery offers a wide variety of flowering and fruiting Hummingbird Plants, shrubs, and trees at low prices with fast shipping.





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