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Planting Zones 3-9
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Jacobs Ladder Plant

Botanical Latin Name: Polemonium caeruleum

 Common Name: Jacobs Latter

 Sun Exposure: Low

 Hardiness Zones: Damp grasslands, woodlands, meadows, and rocky areas 

 Mature Height: 45 to 90 centimeters

 Spread: 45 to 60 centimeters

 Spacing: 6 inches-2 feet wide

 Growth Rate: Perennial

 Flowering Time: Spring, Early Summer

 How Long It Flowers: End of Summer

 Flower Color: Periwinkle 

 Soil Requirements: Damp

 Pruning: None

 Flower Form: 


 Native to shady environments, Jacob’s Ladder grows naturally in damp grasslands, woodlands, meadows, and rocky areas. No extra water is needed during the summer when cultivating the plant for reproduction. The plant’s long variegated leaves appear with a “ladder-like” formation. The flowers of the perennial birth heavy clusters of blue, lavender, pink, yellow, and white blooms in the form of tough stamens as long as they are not overwatered. Jacob’s Ladder requires less sunlight than other native perennials and appears more like biennials. 


 Also known as Greek Valerian, Jacob’s Ladder was first used for medicinal purposes in Greece to treat animal bites, dysentery, and toothaches. Still used in Western organic pharmaceuticals, especially in Europe, where it is native, Jacob’s Ladder has a soothing or calming effect when used in tea or tablet supplement form.


Jacobs Ladder Plant 

The colorful and beautiful arrangement of Jacobs Ladder Plants grows to be 1-3 feet tall and coincidentally grows in a ladder-like form. The leaflets grow in a variety of elegant colors such as white, pink, blue, and yellow, depending on the variety. Bloom time for Jacobs Ladder Plants occur mid-spring to early summer with their beautiful bell-shaped flower and can be used in zone 3-8, which includes areas for landscaping activities in containers, flower beds, and borders. These flowers are great in areas with limited water as they are tolerant of droughts. When placing Jacobs Ladder Plants into your garden, consider areas medium-light shade, partial to fully shaded areas, or completely shaded areas. This natural beauty will attract bees, butterflies, and different species of birds, adding to its visual display.


Jacobs Ladder Plant is a small growing groundcover plant.

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