Large Ferns


TN Nursery has a large variety of Large ferns such as the Glade, Christmas, ostrich, and the leatherwood fern. All of our ferns are native


Visit us online and view our large variety of Large ferns. We are very excited about the new Glade and Christmas ferns recently introduced. They have already been a big hit at TN Nursery! We have giant leatherwood ferns and unique types like Christmas Ferns, New York Ferns, and Hay Scented.


When you are looking for Large ferns in TN, give us a call. With years of experience growing and shipping ferns all across the country, TN Nursery has what you need.


TN Nursery provides you with the largest selection of Large ferns to choose from. With durability and long life, giant ferns are packed with personality and are perfect for a centerpiece in your home or office. All of our giant ferns are shipped directly to you from Tennessee.

Once they are established, we dig them and ship them out to you. Our prices are very reasonable and will work with you on bulk orders. Giant ferns are excellent for both the beginner and the experienced gardener.

TN Nursery carries various ferns, including Ostrich Fern, Leatherwood Fern, and Glade Fern. These fern plants are beautiful and come in a wide array of sizes!

Once these plants are established, they make great landscape plants. Whether you're looking for a Christmas, ostrich, leatherwood, or Glade fern, you'll find one to suit your needs.

Visit TN Nursery, your experts in ferns and other plants.

TN Nursery offers a large selection, yet we can also supply growers with any quantity of Large ferns that they need.

Our Large ferns are easy to plant and are available in woody, leatherwood, and grass-like foliage. The ostrich is the tallest of our Large ferns, growing up to 18 feet.

We have a large variety of giant ferns that make great gifts. They are available bareroot. The ostrich fern (Camptosorus rhizophyllus) has a unique growth pattern, foliage turning bronze in the winter while it is dormant. This elegant fern is native to New Zealand and thrives in moist areas along rocky stream banks and wet forests.


Native ferns are hardy and easy to grow with little effort

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