Lilac Bush

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Bloom Season
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Purple/ Lavender,
Height At Maturity
Under 20 Feet
Planting Zones 3-7
Ships November
Full Sun,
Flowering, Flower Gardens And Beds,
Flowering, Flower Gardens And Beds,

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Lilac Bush Description

Lilac Shrub – Syringa vulgaris

The lilac shrub or bush is a delightful little plant with an otherworldly scent. A favorite amongst gardeners for its beauty, it’s also straightforward to grow and care for. Though the name conjures up the image of a pale, delicate purple, lilac shrubs can produce flowers of many different colors. Purple, pink, red, white, yellow, and blue is all present in the lilac family, though purple is the most common.

Lilacs proliferate around 1-2 feet per year until they reach maturity

To help your lilac reach its height of 8-10 feet, plant it in rich soil to give it a good dose of compost and mulch each spring. These plants prefer to keep their feet dry, so ensure they are planted in an area with good drainage and full sunlight. Too much water and not enough sun will result in late or sparse blooms if they decide to blossom! Though lilacs enjoy the sun and a slight dryness, they grow best in zones 3-7, though some other varieties are known to grow further south.

Lilac shrubs are low maintenance and easy to thrive where they are planted. If you have more than an inch of rainfall per week, there isn’t any need to even water. Replenishing the nutrients in your soil every year and pruning back your shrub is all you need to do to ensure a happy, healthy plant.

It may take a few years for your lilac shrub to begin flowering, but once it does, you’ll be rewarded with lush blossoms and even a surprise visitor – butterflies! Yes, butterflies are very attracted to lilacs. Their thick growth and beauty make lilacs great for hedges, separating garden sections and providing a bit of privacy to your landscape.

The free-flowering lilac has blossoming boughs that are an incomparable pleasure of spring. Their delicate flowers bloom in early spring, adding color to the countryside and fragrance to the airPlant some lilacs in your garden and enjoy their delicate flowers and fragrance long into summer. Prune your shrubs regularly to keep them neat, but don't go too skimpy with the clipping-you don't want a bush, you want a tree!

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