Live Moss Decor


Live moss Bowls & decor is the fad of 2022

There are many home designs with live moss centers and floor coverings. Live moss decoration is a hot trend, featured on popular shows and in major magazines. Tn Nursery offers a large assortment of freshly harvested moss centerpieces, candle holders, and bedding. We offer themed party items such as Mega Bloks and superheroes to round out your decorations along with our Live Moss.

What is Live Moss Bowls For  Decor?

Live Moss Decor is a fad in 2022. Tn Nursery offers many live moss centerpieces and home decor items. We make it happy, so our customers give us five stars and lovely comments like "What a great product!", "Tn nursery has the best customer service," or "Thanks for the gift!". We do all of this by ensuring we have quality products, customer service, fast shipping, and affordable prices.


What is Live Moss decor? Live mosses in the centerpiece is a new fad of 2022. We at TN Nursery have the experience, style, and freshness to provide any home or business with the best Live moss decor, Live plants, and Live flowers. Our Live flowers can last up to two weeks with all the colors on display.


The future is here, and it is gorgeous. Tn Nursery is opening its doors to the most beautiful fad of the century, live moss decor. All of our live moss centerpieces contain pieces of freshly harvested moss collected from the centers of trees in the Heartwood Forest. These pieces are nurtured in water and mounted onto wood or bamboo until they reach their full growth potential.


It's time to decorate your home and add some live moss decor! Tn Nursery has a large assortment of lush, green, natural moss. From centerpieces with a mixed variety of moss to wall decorations made entirely of moss.

Tn Nursery has been the premier supplier of natural moss centerpieces and home decor for over 20 years. We have something for everyone with a large selection of products ready to ship and new designs added weekly. Whether you're looking for a slight lavender accent or a jungle-style centerpiece, we have you covered...


Hello, and welcome to TN Nursery. When we say fresh, we mean fresh. The majority of our live moss decor items are harvested daily and shipped within hours of harvest. Moss is the fabric of life; it supports plant and animal life all around us. The use of live moss decor in homes has been on the rise over the past few years but remains a fad product. We hope to be your supplier for this great-looking product.


At Tn Nursery, we have a large assortment of fresh live moss for your home and business needs. All of our moss has been harvested, cleaned, and transported right to the stores.


Look no further than our authentic moss decor. We have a large assortment of moss centerpieces and home decor to fit your needs! Made with natural moss! 


Moss is very durable and can be reused year after year.

This centerpiece is sweet, enjoyable, and pretty like a bundle of green and brown cotton candy. Everyone who visited our home loved the decor so much that we had to sell it to them. It sells out every year. Call Tn Nursery today and place your order; we have many different sizes ready for you.


If you are looking for something to decorate your home with, then the nursery is not a place you want to miss. 



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