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 Live Moss Plant Bowls and Decor


Live Moss Plant Bowls and Decor is the year's indoor/outdoor garden sensation!

In addition, many interior designers use Live Moss Plant Bowls and Decor in their design style. TN Nurseries Best Selling Live Moss Décor includes 1. Topiary Moss, 2. Reindeer Moss, 3. Mood Moss, 4. Tree Apron Moss and 5. Terrarium Moss


 Moss Plant Bowls & Indoor Decorative Moss Live Moss Plant Bowls and Decor are a terrific choice for indoor use, especially since they require little to no maintenance. Inside or outside your home garden, rocks covered with Cushion Moss or Carpet Moss are unique decorative touches. For example, you might try to chisel out letters in your rocks and place your Moss Plants in the holes as filler to make a design or spell out words. To keep any Moss Plant looking vibrant, especially if it grows an inch or more, you may consider trimming to shape and maintain design, especially on Topiary Moss. With over 12,000 species, Moss Plants provide an enduring groundcover that serves as a lovely blanket of green in your home garden landscape. In addition, live Moss Plants Bowls and Decor for indoor use help create a clean, fresh, and vibrant mood.

Live Moss Plant Bowls and Decor Considerations

Many interior designers use Moss Plant Bowls and Décor in their decorating to add depth and vibrant green color.  While indoor Moss Plant Bowls do not increase while improving your indoor décor, they can add to your home where you require a decorative touch.


Here are the best Moss Plant Bowls and Décor to consider for indoor use:

Topiary moss, or Sphagnum, is made up of 380 different species of Moss. This Moss grows in wet or boggy environments. Topiary moss only requires a minimum amount of sunlight daily to thrive, so it does well past the summer.

Reindeer Moss is not a moss; it's a lichen because it grows in clumps. Nevertheless, Reindeer Moss is a highly versatile material used indoors for moss walls and other Moss Plant Bowls and Décor. 

 Terrarium and Mood Moss are lovely, dense mosses used similarly and are best grown in terrariums. These Moss Plants need moisture to thrive, yet once established will become lush growth of decorative moss plants. Other names for Terrarium and Mood Moss include Rock Camp Moss, Mountain-Fork, and Broom-Fork Moss.


Tree Apron Moss is best used for decorative Live Moss Plant Bowls and Decor or Topiaries, as ornamentals at door entrances. Tree Apron Moss is a lush moss commonly found are the base of trees. It brings much cosmetic appeal to your interior. A terrific aspect of Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor is that most species can withstand many indoor environments and significantly cooler homes since Moss Plants traditionally thrive in cool, shady areas outside the home. Use your Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor in places in your home that receives less light to ensure that your Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor thrive. 

 Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor will highlight your decorating seasons since you can use them for any occasion. Place your Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor on side tables, on bookshelves, and near other colorful indoor plants that are taller to create a nice offset of colors.

 Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor make fantastic gifts and will last forever if cared for correctly. Consider Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor as a way to add greenery and depth to your indoor home garden today! Decorative and easy to care for,  Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor will be the highlight of your home decor.

  Live Moss Plant Bowls and Décor are now available at TN Nursery at low prices with fast shipping. 






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