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Loblolly Pine Seedlings Description

Loblolly Pine, Pinus taeda, features yellow to dark-green needles that can reach 10 inches in length.

Loblolly pine tree is a fast-growing evergreen with beautiful needles and a straight majestic trunk. Although this tree can top 100 feet with a branch span of up to 30 feet, most trees grown around homes are significantly smaller. This evergreen features yellow to dark-green needles that can reach 10 inches in length. The lovely, red-brown bark adds a touch of beauty to any landscape. The pine cones are yellow in color and measure about three to six inches in length, but the female cones become green and brown after pollination. It takes about a year-and-a-half for a cone to mature to its brown color and collect seeds. An adaptable tree, it grows well in various soils, including sandy, loamy, and clay, thriving in hardy zones six to nine. The evergreen grows fastest in direct sunlight and does well in shady spots.


Loblolly Pine is an evergreen tree.

The loblolly pine tree is native to the United States east coast and is also known as rosemary pine, bull pine, Indian pine, and other names. The evergreen has initially been growing in the bottom of rivers and often takes over abandoned fields. This tree has a lovely scent and serves as an important lumber tree. Easy to grow, these evergreen trees provide homeowners with a wind block as well as a privacy screen. Since these pines can grow up to two feet per year, these evergreens are a good choice for homeowners who want to change their landscape in a short period. They are native to the country's southeast region and provide food and habitat for wildlife around the home, including birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. Disease-resistant and hardy, the loblolly is easy to transplant and needs water to thrive. This evergreen naturally loses its lower branches as it ages, providing shade to the surrounding areas. 


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