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Fastest Growing Maple Trees 

Maple trees (genus: Acer) are usually divided into two major groups: Sugar maples and Red maples. All other types of maple trees fall under these two categories: the Silver maple, Boxelders, Norway maples, and more. Depending on origin location within the United States, these trees can grow from 15 to nearly 80 feet in height.


Five of the Fastest Growing Maple Trees:


The red maple, also known as soft maple, is a deciduous tree native to eastern North America. The red maple is the state tree of New Jersey and Vermont. The leaves are three to four inches long with five lobes. In autumn, they turn brilliant shades of orange, scarlet, purple, and yellow. The red maple is one of the fastest-growing trees, with a growth rate of up to 5 feet per year.


Sugar maples (Acer saccharum) are also widely popular as landscape trees or shade trees near pathways or walking trails due to their tall shape and huge leaves. They are fast-growing trees that can grow between 40 and 60 feet in height. Sugar Maple is native to North America but has been used as a common landscaping tree across the globe. 


Silver maples are known for their ability to withstand urban areas, intense heat, drought-like conditions, and pollution. They can reach nearly 100 feet in height. Rocky Mountain maples (Acer glabrum) are among the best choices for landscaping trees in dry, desert climates. They only grow to 15 to 20 feet in height and prefer to be planted near other ample vegetation or other trees. These attractive maple trees need little water and minimal care.


The autumn blaze maple is also known as the blazing autumn star or North American flame leaf maple. The autumn blaze maple is native to the eastern United States and southwestern Ontario. The tree has three to four-lobed leaves that are 2 inches long. The leaves turn yellow, orange, or scarlet in autumn. The autumn blaze maple grows 6 to 12 inches per year and blooms with white flowers early spring.


The scarlet red maple is an ornamental tree native to the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. It has three-lobed leaves that are 2 to 4 inches long. The leaves are bright scarlet when they first emerge in spring, darkening to summer maroons and orange-red in fall. The bark is light gray with dark brown ridges and furrows. Planted as a street tree, it serves as a practical winter shade tree because the leaves do not drop until late autumn. Scarlet red maples grow 10 to 15 feet high and 15 to 18 feet wide.

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