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Moss For Shade, such as the Mood Moss, Reindeer Moss, and the Hedwigia Moss that can be used for Shade and accents



We carry several moss varieties that will grow well in shade conditions, including mood moss, reindeer moss, and hedwigia moss. They are great for creating exciting shapes or covering concrete or brick walls. Moss can be used to create a little living world inside your terrarium, provide a place to rest for insects, or add a bit of green to an austere space.


TN Nursery has a large variety of mosses for shaded areas. These small additions to the landscape can fill your yard with green, giving you the privacy and Shade you dreamed of. By using fun textures, like reindeer moss, or bright colors like mood moss, you can create beautiful patches of green in your yard or garden. Mosses for Shade are also great as filler around fountains or other water features. Visit TN Nursery to see our great selection.


We have a wide range of shade moss that you can use to create your unique shade garden. The mood moss is a type of moss that is interesting; it grows slowly and establishes itself very quickly on exposed rock areas. The reindeer and hedwigia are dwarf moss species that overgrow and provide lovely green color accents in your garden. We also carry glades carpet, pink flamingo, and other types of moss that can be used in landscaping and gardening.


We offer a selection of shade mosses, including mood moss, reindeer moss, and hedwigia.



TN Nursery has a large variety of moss for Shade, and When you are looking for some moss, contact TN Nursery, and they will help you find that moss that you need and want.



Enjoy the unique look of moss in your garden! TN Nursery has a large variety of moss for Shade.


Our TN Nursery store in Memphis offers a large variety of shade moss and other Tennessee plants. We grow many plants ourselves from seed and can help you care for your new purchase.


MOSS FOR SHADE TN Nursery is your source for a large variety of mosses. When looking for Shade, consider various types of moss. We offer the best quality moss in the industry, so your plants get what they need. Moss is an excellent investment because it reduces erosion by protecting the soil and filtering rainwater. It also provides a natural habitat for an array of both above and below-ground wildlife.


Here at TN Nursery and Landscaping, we offer only the most delicate moss for Shade.


Moss for Shade can be placed in planters, hanging baskets, or anywhere in the yard and garden. Moss is also a great way to tie two different planting areas together. Check out our array of plants, planters, and containers to create your unique look. Moss brings a natural element to any space, is easy-to-care-for, drought-tolerant, and requires no fertilizer or watering.


Say goodbye to UV sunburns, chemical-filled tanning beds, and costly laser treatments-now you can have a year-round golden glow that's safe for you and your loved ones. The leaves of this living art form look just like staghorn ferns or other varieties of ferns, but they are entirely safe to use indoors or out. Mossy Mood is the world's first mood lighting plant. It creates ambient lighting when its leaves are exposed to sunlight. Moss reindeer easily attaches itself to its natural opposite: rocks, trees, walls, and even sheetrock without needing an adhesive!


TN Nursery has much moss for Shade, such as the mood moss, reindeer moss, and the hedwigia moss. We love to help customers create that perfect garden accent that brings everything together. TN Nursery is an online source of artificial and live plants at discount prices. We have every plant you need to complete your landscape project or bring more life to your indoor location.


TN Nursery carries a wide assortment of moss for Shade, such as mood moss, reindeer moss, and hedwigia moss. TN Nursery offers varieties of shade-tolerant ferns and hardy ficus for indoor plants or understory in the landscape. Sedge peat moss is excellent for making potting mixes with an open texture that allows air to reach plant roots.


Come check out the Tennessee Nursery's extensive selection of shade moss. From Hedwigia Moss to Mood Moss, TN Nursery has a wide variety of assortment of moss that can add to your garden or yard. We at Tennessee Nursery are dedicated to providing plants and trees that are beautiful and extremely healthy, and lasting.


You would like to plant yourself into the garden and take a break, waiting for the sun to go down and then having a rest. Many plants are suitable for shadings, such as reindeer moss and mood moss. The latter can create an exotic atmosphere by directly placing it on top of your head! Although they look very delicate, they are resilient enough that moss doesn't fall off when stepped on and can still grow strong even if they have been covered by frequent rain. Moreover, another type of moss on our website is known as hedwigia moss. It doesn't grow much and can only reach a height of about 0.8 inches but looks like an ornamental rosette.


Whether creating or updating your landscaping, you want to stand out from the rest. That's why we offer so many mosses, each with its unique qualities: Reindeer moss gives life to a variety of vibrant greens; mood boat creates a natural, earthy backdrop and creates an instant mood; and, our hedwigia moss helps absorb excess moisture, which improves soil drainage.


TN Nursery offers a variety of shade-tolerant moss. Our moss is usually grown in a peat moss base with a mix of perlite and vermiculite. We try to offer many species of moss and ferns on our website year-round and typically offer over 100 different species in stock.


BLACKMOUTH MOSS - Asplenium Nidus (live, rooted plant) Moss for Shade. Keep moist in a shady spot. Copyrighted TN Nursery, Inc. 2007


TN Nursery has a variety of mosses that mimic the look of grass. Moss is collected in the forest and sun-dried to remove the excess moisture. Once completely dry, the moss is packaged. Moss is available in several tropical, Antarctic, carpet, and scenic varieties.


Moss for Shade Many gardeners enjoy the miniature forest effect that drifts of feathery, 2- to 4-inch high shade mosses give when used as ground cover in woodland gardens. Moss is also a whimsical addition to containers, floral arrangements, and even wedding decorations like bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower petal confetti. With such a variety of beautiful mosses on the market today, choosing one may be more complex than growing it!


Moss is perfect for lining baskets, terrariums, and tabletop displays. You can also use it to create arrangements in planters around your home. We have bogs of all sizes filled with climate-appropriate mosses and lichens of all shapes, sizes, and textures.


We have a full line of shade-giving shade plants for your home garden that offers a more natural look. A variety of baby ferns provide soft, light cover for woodland areas. Hostas and elderberry, each with their distinct personality and color palette available. Also, a great selection of woodland wildflowers, including native azaleas and blueberries with their beautiful spring blooms, is an explosion of color.


Moss is the only plant that can thrive almost anywhere -- from heavy Shade to direct sunlight. Try this eco-friendly and sustainable alternative as an easy way to add greenery and soften your landscape.


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