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Moss for sun Rock cap, pin cushion, sheet moss, and all kinds of Moss for the Sun

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Mosses For The Sun

1. Carpet Moss

2. Cushion Moss

3. Sheet Moss

4. Mood Moss

5. Fern Moss



TN Nursery is The Best online source for all your Moss and Rocks, with a large variety of Moss, and the best selling is Rock caps, pin cushion, and sheet moss.


Nursery Moss Rock cap, TN Nursery still carries the best selling where you can grow it as a house plant. The sheet moss is excellent for planting for hanging baskets and your patio containers.



TN Nursery has many Moss for Sun distributed across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.



TN Nursery Moss is used in the horticulture industry and landscaping industry. READ MORE


TN Nursery's top-quality Moss is like no other moss. We also carry an excellent variety of locally sourced Moss. If you dont see something you like, call; we might have it or get it at the drop of a hat; several specialty mosses we dont advertise here.



If you have a problem with weeds coming up in your landscaping, look at the number of different mosses and succulents we grow here at Moss for Sun. No need to keep pulling them out or using herbicides or fungicides. We can pack and ship, or you can come by the nursery and pick up your purchase.



We have the best prices on Moss all year round, our staff is here to help you, and our high-quality products.


Our mosses are natural, easy to care for, and enhance any garden setting or log cabin. Perfect as gifts and unique to decorate your home. Mosses are a trendy gift item.


You love the look of Moss in your landscaping, so why not bring it inside? Moss is a great way to add greenery and dimension to any room. From indoor containers to small rock gardens to modern hanging planters, we have a wide range of exotic and low-maintenance mosses as well as unique rocks and accent pieces to take your displays from ordinary to extraordinary.


TN Nursery has a large selection of Moss for sun Rock caps pin cushions, and the best selling is the sheet moss. Moss is great for any landscape. It is soft and easy on the feet. It wears well in weather extremes and can handle snow loads and heavy rain without damaging the plant. Find your underwater friends here.


At TN Nursery, we provide you with the Moss for Sun needed in different colors and varieties. As well to our Moss for sun collection, we also provide you with other products such as caps, pincushions, and sheet moss.


Moss, the tiny plants present in fairy tales. Yes, it is true. The small plants are not only used in stories but in reality too. In nature, Moss grows on the soil and rocks. TN Nursery specializes in selling varieties of outdoor Moss for display purposes and any craftwork that you want to do with it. Whether you need Moss for Sun or shade, we will have the variety for your requirements.


Moss is not just for landscaping anymore. Although naturally grown, processed, and shipped to you by TN Nursery, you can be assured of consistency in quality and an extensive selection of mosses. We have different grades and sizes to fit your needs. We supply genuine, quality Moss to the right customer who wants to use naturally grown Moss for sun control, privacy walls/walls & roofs, outdoor furniture, and craft projects or indoor applications. Moss is a very versatile, beautiful resource with endless uses. The possibilities are endless! Call us for more information!


Our Moss for sale consists of two different types of Moss. These are sheet and rock caps. Sheet mosses grow along the ground, and rocks cap grow on top of the rocks. Sometimes sheet moss can collect dirt along the ground, so it is better to place your rock cap over the dirtier part of your sheet moss. We offer various colors such as green, red, brown, copper, and even some with gold streaks.


Tennessee Nursery is the leading provider of Moss in the southeastern United States.


No matter what type of location you want to build with Moss, we have the Moss for the Sun you need. We have all different types and qualities of Moss available.


TN Nursery, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your Landscape needs! Visit us in person Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm to see our selection of Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Soil, Mulch, and much more!


We are a family-owned business located in central-eastern Tennessee. We have grown so many new and exciting plants that we have branched out into several different areas of greenhouse plant production. We grow miniature roses, custom-mixed perennials, new and old wildflowers, leatherleaf ferns, and all kinds of mosses.


 Moss is a living, growing thing. Its "plants" are in various stages of development and look very different depending on the type chosen…that's why we carry such a large variety. Moss thrives in conditions other plants do not; they need sunlight but cannot withstand excessive heat or dryness! So it must be kept damp to stay alive. These requirements make Moss an excellent choice for many types of gardens and particular uses, especially when you want something unusual and hard to find. We also have cryptograms, ferns, and sedges, which require a shade garden as well (but are much easier to maintain than Moss!).


We stock a vast selection of Moss that works excellent in rock gardens as ground cover and drainage in terrariums. Moss makes a beautiful companion plant to many other plants, as it helps keep the soil loose and aerated, which allows good water penetration - keeping the roots healthy and happy. Moss is also ideal to use down the sides of container pots; they help prevent wall collapse by staging the weight.

Moss for Sun for sale. Lowest prices online


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