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TN Nursery has Moss that is easy to grow, such as the hair cap, mood moss, carpet moss, and sheet moss. moss provides excellent ground cover for your garden


With best-selling varieties like carpet moss, sheet moss, hair cap moss, and mood Moss. 


Our TN Nursery website offers Moss that is easy to grow and will provide a stunning effect for any garden or landscape. We have many Moss available, including the hair cap moss, mood moss, carpet moss, and sheet moss.


TN Nursery is your source for all varieties of Moss, including carpet moss and sheet moss. They have a great selection of easy-to-grow Moss that you can place on top of any surface.


TN Nursery selects only the best moss varieties to make available to our customers. TN Nursery provides Moss that is easy to grow and requires little attention. We have a wide variety of Moss for every experience level, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs.


TN Nursery has been growing Moss for over 25 years. We're excited to sell it via the internet and see it grace landscapes, green roofs, entertainment venues, and residential homes and businesses. With shipping containers that range from 5-10 cubic yards, we can quickly and easily fill your order of Moss. We thoughtfully choose the types of Moss that are easiest to grow so you can enjoy the many benefits of this elegant, low-maintenance plant.


All of our Moss will grow well in moist environments. Moss is a straightforward plant to maintain and care for. TN Nursery has hundreds of items in stock and is ready to ship to you. TN Nursery can also ship to commercial entities.


Easy Moss to grow from Tn Nursery



Let creativity transform your aquarium or garden into a living artwork. Creating a moss wall is as easy as adding green plants to the landscape. Add some "green" to your world with TN Nursery's mosses.


Nursery is a plant grower of easy Moss to grow and offers soil and supplies for growing plants in TN. Get the lowest price for your woods with our help, and join us on Facebook.


Let your imagination and creativity run wild; Moss is a beneficial plant known as Bryophyta or commonly as 'moss.' Mosses are unique because they are straightforward plants that require very little care. Mosses love to grow on rocks, wood, and anything with texture. All mosses need sunlight; after that, it's up to you!


Many times mosses are considered nuisance garden plants. However, not all Moss is created equal. TN Nursery has many varieties of Moss that are easy to grow in areas where plants struggle to grow. These include hair cap, mood, carpet, and sheet mosses.


TN Nursery has a large variety of Moss that is easy to grow, whether you want to fill in your garden or change the look of the outdoor space. Moss can be used with water plants or on rocks and trees. We have a large selection of sheets, carpet, mood mosses, plus many other types of Moss.


TN Nursery has a variety of Moss to grow at treenurseryco.com, the most popular moss online store. The hair cap, blanket, and sheet Moss are three types of Moss you can use to make your terrarium look more beautiful. Whether it's around the house or inside your office, these DIY terrariums are incredible decorations.


Here at TN Nursery, we have a great variety of Moss to choose from. We carry a large selection of sheets, carpet, and hair cap moss. With many different uses, there is always something that our Moss can do for you.


Moss is an integral part of your garden. It provides a soft texture and helps to control dust in the air. There are many different types of Moss, including the Moss Carpet ( Polytrichum ), Mood Moss ( Fontinalis ), Hair Cap Moss ( Physcomitrella ), and Sheet Moss ( Ceratodon ). You can order Moss online in small or large quantities.


Tennessee Nursery has many varieties of Moss that are easy to grow at home. Moss comes in green, tan, brown, and red and is usually attached to objects like stone or bark. Moss can be difficult to care for because it does not have roots like traditional plants. The moisture level of the Moss is what needs to be monitored. If the Moss stays moist well-tended, Moss can last up to a year before being replaced, but if the Moss dries out, then it will dry up and die quickly.


TN Nursery is where anyone who loves plants can get everything they need. We offer a wide variety of plants ready to fill every inch of your garden or yard. Our plants are easy to grow and provide an abundance of beautiful flowers and fruits that will brighten up your home or business.


The following selections are the most popular moss types available at TN Nursery.


Our Moss is easy to grow in low light & low traffic areas in most homes; you can begin growing your own Moss in as little as three months from when you receive your package.



Moss is an excellent ornamental ground cover in shady or bright areas with light foot traffic. It can add a forest-like effect to your yard, which will significantly enhance the beauty of your landscape and make it appear larger than it is. Moss is often suggested as a plant for difficult places because of its ease to grow, requiring little care and no fertilizer or water during the summer months.


Easy mosses to grow at Tn Nursery


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