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New Arrivals - Our New Plant Selections 

Late February and early March are prime planning months for gardeners who want to coordinate a productive growing season in the Northern hemisphere. With much of the area beginning to experience warmer temperatures, or at worst, the last snowfall, picking out flowers and plants for the upcoming seasons is critical. 


 With this in mind, which selections are going to give you the most bang for your buck? Although opinions may vary, knockout roses are a sure-fire way to kickstart your gardening experience heading into Spring and Summer of 2022.


Why Knockout Roses Are Must-Haves for Every Garden


 Knockout roses are so commonly used within the gardens of homeowners across the planet is twofold: maintenance and beauty. First and foremost, you can't ignore a knock rose bush with full blooms, vibrant petals, and fresh stems. Depending on which type of knockout rose you plant, your petals will range from delicate pink to deep, luscious fuchsia.


 Moreover, these flowers are fool-proof -- regardless of your location, knockout roses, generally speaking, grow without much effort. Knockout roses have long since been used as a means of decorating homes and properties around exteriors that receive very little sunlight.


 Although your mileage may vary, standard knockout roses will produce multiple full blooms with as little as three hours of direct sunlight per day. This detail allows homeowners and gardeners to fill in empty patches around their homes, fence lines, and in their flower beds with multiple installations without investing the additional effort.


 Knockout roses aren't just a beautiful way to accentuate a garden, either. Knockouts have a brilliant self-cleaning mechanism that makes maintenance a breeze. And if that weren't enough, the petals are resistant to extreme temperatures meaning, if you're lucky, your bush will continue to blossom into late Fall and maintain its integrity under the harsh conditions of summer heat and early-stage frigidity that accompanies winter.


 Whether you're a gardener who prefers spending time soaking in the beauty of your flowers or an individual who monitors their flowers' growth around the clock, you can't go wrong with knockout roses. Our selection of high-quality buds will turn any flower bed into something to behold. Don't wait; these knockout roses are popular among shoppers, and before you know it, they'll be gone!



Our site includes a list of new plants added to our inventory.Check out our perennials, mosses, and more that are on their way to plant lovers across the country. New plants will be added before the end of November. Check back again to see if any new plants have been added. New plants added: Schizachyrium have been added to the following categories: Annuals, Grasses, Perennials, and Wildflowers.


We have many new plants on our website.We've added several new plants to our website. Please check it out here.



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