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Orchard Grass 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Orchard Grass 

Orchard Grass, also known by its scientific name of Dactylis glomerata, is called cocksfoot grass. 

Belonging to the family of Poaceae, Orchard grass is a perennial forage grass indigenous to North Africa and Eurasia. Orchard Grass is broadly cultivated around the world and naturalized in numerous places. Orchard Grass propagates in clumpy, dense

clusters bearing a height of 40 inches tall. Its leaf blades are flat and reach up to 20 inches in length. Orchard Grass flowers are wind-pollinated. This grass appears as flower clusters with irregular open stiff panicles and branches. Orchard Grass adapts best in well-drained soil with mixtures of legumes such as red clover or alfalfa. Orchard Grass can last longer than other cool-season grasses.


Care and Maintenance

Orchard Grass is considered perennial grass in a light green to blue-green color with a flattened stem at the base. A distinguished panicle seed head with a long, membranous ligule and short spiky projections at the top gives this plant its unique appearance. Orchard Grass quickly establishes from summer to early spring. Best planted before August, when seeding is combined with legumes such as alfalfa, the rate of seed output should decrease. Orchard grass should not be seeded with other grasses. If you are planting Orchard Grass as a filler in your garden landscape, maintain the soil pH of between 6.0 and 7.0 for best results. Water newly planted seed until the soil is moist but not wet, at least twice a day until the Orchard Grass seed germinates. Germination happens within two weeks.



When Orchard Grass is planted for erosion control, it is best seeded in late summer to early autumn. Plant near the banks of a garden pond or stream. As an ornamental grass in your larger garden landscape, plant Orchard Grass, where you and yours can watch bees and butterflies land on the flowers for pollination. Orchard grass looks terrific as a border along a garden wall or as a central focus when planted among other flowering perennials.


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    Orchard Grass

    Posted by Ruby Swafford on May 02, 2022

    I've been buying trees and plants from here for the past 3 years and I have nothing to say but, AWESOME!!

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    Orchard Grass

    Posted by Grady Oneby on May 02, 2022

    We traded to this company and all and all we have been amazed at their high quality and excellent service

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    Orchard Grass

    Posted by Summer Edwards on May 02, 2022

    Looking forward to receiving more great bare rooted plants from here


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