Pitch Pine Tree

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Pitch Pine can grow in poor soil, withstand drought, and is quite the architectural show-off once

The pitch pine, Pinus rigida, is an undervalued and overlooked landscape specimen. Often upright in form, this hardy tree can withstand significant drought and withstands temperatures down to -45ºF. Use this tree as an accent or specimen tree and enjoy its novel orange-plated bark that stands out in winter.

It can grow in poor soil, withstand drought, and is quite the architectural show-off once you notice its orange-plated bark.

This tree is also drought resistant, making them an ideal and undervalued landscape specimen. These small to medium-sized evergreen trees grow in poor soils and are resistant to pests and diseases, making them a more attractive landscape option than many other species.

This tree makes an excellent landscape tree in poorer soils and a container plant for northern climates. It is also undervalued and overlooked among landscape designers and architects.

Pitch Pine proudly stands firm in the face of harsh winds and heavy snowfall

With bold branches, these trees are an excellent choice for a substantial impact in a small yard or tucked into a landscape niche between two buildings.

This pitch pine proudly stands firm in the face of harsh winds and heavy snowfall, making it a suitable candidate for many landscapes. The balls on the end of its branches are typical of pitch pines, as is the striking orange-plated bark. The pitch pine can grow into an attractive upright tree, but it is often crooked and asymmetrical.

It is a low-maintenance, rugged evergreen tree perfect for many landscape applications. An underappreciated landscaping tree that offers character, it adds life to the edge of any lakeshore or deforested area. The bark can be just as attractive as the foliage for many other trees, but Pitch Pine's bark is exceptional.

It is one of the most distinctive North American forests and makes for a beautiful, exotic landscape specimen. The pine contributes a stunning orange and pink stain to home exteriors, with its rustic bark growing as deep as 1 inch on mature trees.


Don't forget about this fundamental feature of our planet's history.

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