Pitch Pine Tree

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Pitch Pine Tree Description

Pitch Pine Tree

The Pitch Pine Tree, also known botanically as Pinus rigida, is called candlewood pine and torch pine.

Native to North America, the Pitch Pine Tree is a staple in home gardens with a woodland feel. This tree bears rich, dark green needles, with new growth that is bright, yellowish-green. The Pitch Pine Tree also holds tiny 2-inch pinecones that grow in 3 to 5 cone clusters. Pitch Pine Trees can reach an average of 30-40 feet tall and realize 100 feet in height. This tree regenerates itself after wind or other damage and will sprout curved branches in different directions. As your Pitch Pine Tree ages, it will take on interesting shapes, making it a picturesque landscape option. 


Pitch pine care and maintenance

The Pitch Pine Tree enjoys most soil types, including sandy and rocky soils where other trees struggle. In woodland plantings, other trees can easily overwhelm it, so give your Pitch Pine Tree plenty of room to establish, at least 25 to 60 feet away from other trees. Pitch Pine trees tend to self-seed in areas with leaf litter or compost and good moisture retention in the soil. Also tolerant of salty soils, Pitch Pine Trees flourish well in coastal regions. Plant your Pitch Pine Tree where it will receive 6 to hours of direct sun each day.

Your Pitch Pine Tree thrives with 1/2 inch of water per week; however, month-long droughts will not hurt a mature tree. Pruning to shape this tree is unnecessary, yet you should cut away dead or diseased branches. Best planted in the spring, your Pitch Pine Tree will grow slowly, taking 20 and 30 years to reach maturity since 1 foot of growth per year is standard for this tree. The life expectancy of this tree can reach up to 100 years.  


Your Pitch Pine Tree will have a twisted, gnarly appearance which is typical for this species. Pitch Pine Trees flourish when planted in full sunlight, as long as taller oaks or other hardwood trees do not overshadow them. Plant your Pitch Pine Tree where it can get six to eight hours of sunlight daily.

Pitch Pine Trees enjoy cool winters and arid, humid climates, although they are prone to fungal diseases when it is too humid. In inferior soil, you can fertilize your Pitch Pine Tree once per year in the spring. Your Pitch Pine Tree will be a delightful addition to your woodland-style home garden.

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    Pitch Pine Trees

    Posted by Darwin Barnes on Jun 21, 2022

    Great company to deal with plus healthy bare rooted plants

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    Pitch Pine Trees

    Posted by Jamie Brown on Jun 21, 2022

    This company did a great job helping me with all of my needs. The plants and everything is great

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    Pitch Pine Trees

    Posted by Nikole Norris on Jun 21, 2022

    This is my to go company for all of my needs

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    Pitch Pine Trees

    Posted by Johnny W on Jun 21, 2022

    Great reliable company


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