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If you're looking for a Native Plant Nursery, Tree Nursery, or nurseries online, TN Nursery is your first and last stop.


We have the most comprehensive selection of native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants with thousands of resources to help you enjoy gardening. Not only do we provide tips, but we also are available online on Facebook or by phone at 931.692.7325. In 1996.


 We started selling native trees online, and the following year was named one of The Washington Post's best online plant retailers. A few years later, our staff found themselves delivering over 150000 plants to 75 out of the 108 National Park sites, which included Washington Monument Trump Towers 911 crash sites as well as The Discovery Channel and over 150000 dedicated customers around the United States.


 Today we ship bare-root plants throughout the lower 48 states. TN Nursery is your tree nursery or Native Plant Nursery for all your outdoor needs.


Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery has been a family-owned nursery since 1956


We pride ourselves on quality, service, and selection. Our customers range from large landscapers florists to individuals looking for a small accent plant. 


Native Plant Nursery is an online retailer of bare-root plants shipped directly from our plant nursery to you. TN Nursery serves the District of Columbia and all states that touch it, Virginia, Maryland, and north into Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Native Plant Nursery carries a full line of native trees, shrubs, vines, native grasses, and sedges, in addition to ornamental trees and shrubs, all at reasonable prices. 



We also carry on our online shop gardening supplies, including mulches, bulb liners, gloves, tools, fertilizers, soil amendments, and planting soils. Native Plant Nursery provides fast shipping on live bare-root plants, seedlings, dormant rhizomes, tree seedlings, bulbs, grasses, and perennials. Join the thousands who have done business with Native Plant Nursery.



Native Plant Nursery is the right place to start if you're looking for a plant nursery. With an emphasis on native plants and a focus on sustainability, we offer expert advice, hard-to-find varieties, and plants that can survive in the sun or shade. We ship bare-root plants year-round everywhere in the continental U.S. Check out our blog for helpful gardening tips and tricks, browse our selection of trees and native plants, or shop for any other gardening supplies you might need. When you want to make sure your plant purchase is worthwhile, count on Native Plant Nursery as your trusted source for all things related to growing a beautiful yard! is a plant nursery located in the nursery capital of the world.

We specialize in bare-root plants and shrubs. We offer the most OK native and non-native plants available for purchase online. Want to grow natural plants for a greener, healthier world? Try native plants. 


 We offer bare-root native plants from Black Locust, American Basswood, Witch Hazel, and Pussy Willow. Native Plants provide critical wildlife habitat that attracts pollinating insects and songbirds back to our farms and gardens. 


TN Nursery is the largest seed and propagation nursery specializing in hardy native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in the Washington DC area. We ship bare-root natives across the nation out of our Millersville, Maryland headquarters. With a growing catalog of over 500+ species and over 40 years of horticultural experience, TN Nursery is home to some of your best options for safe, ethical, and healthy native plants online or in person!



Growing up on a small farm, I was always around plants of all shapes and sizes. I started working for a landscape company as a greenhouse helper and plant propagator during my high school years. Shortly after high school and over the next few years, I began to acquire an even greater interest in the propagation of plants. 


I started purchasing any propagating materials available at the time. As time went on, I found myself either giving away or selling off any orchids that I did not propagate myself to have more space for the plants I was propagating.


 Around 2003, I decided to go into business as Native Plants Nursery LLC. After several friends asked me if they could place orders with me, planting bare-root plants became what brought TN Nursery to its level today.



With the right plant, any garden can be transformed. Native Plant Nursery prides itself on its ability to offer you a variety of trees, plants, and flowers to fit your landscape and gardening needs. Whether you're looking for a boulder or a bird feeder, we have it all! Please browse our selection today and discover which plants are made for your garden.


 We also offer custom planting services when you want something that perfectly fits your vision for landscapes. Spread your wings with Native Plant Nursery and create the garden of your dreams!

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