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Spring Blooming Plants are a perfect addition to any landscape

Plants are essential in our environment because of their beauty. They become more attractive when their flowers bloom. Though you may want to have flowers in your compound throughout the year, it might not be possible with some plants. Different varieties of plants bloom in different seasons. Are you wondering which blooming plants to grow for spring? Stay put. This article is meant for you.


5 Spring Blooming Plants


  1. Rue Anemone


 You may choose this plant for landscaping, creating borders, and mass planting because it doesn’t require extensive maintenance. Pruning can be done at irregular intervals when you feel appropriate. Its leaves are round and light green with some reddish hints. The plant produces pink or white flowers in March.


  1. Pink Dogwood


 The pink dogwood is a plant known to remain green most of the year, even after the other plants have fallen in winter. This dogwood grows slowly and is a good variety for landscaping because it can produce many flowers. Its back changes from white to slightly red during the winter.


  1. Orange Daylily


 They are available in different unique varieties, making them easy be used for various purposes. Though these plants are generally yellow and gold-colored, you can get them in more colors, such as purple, red, pink, cream, and orange. You can grow orange daylily with many plants because they can tolerate different soil conditions.


  1. Periwinkle Plant


 If you need a plant to occupy the spaces left in your flower garden, this is ideal because its growth is over the ground. The leaves of this plant are dark green with a shiny appearance, making them outstanding among other plants around them.


  1. Virginia Bluebells


 These plants have smooth grayish-green leaves with pink buds. Their bell-shaped flowers open from the pink buds. These plants bloom every year even without much care. They are suitable for your ground cover. The flowers of Virginia bluebells are beautiful to birds and bees.

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