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Summer Blooming Plants flower during the warmest season of the year

Summer is the right time for planting summer-blooming plants. Summer blooming plants flower during the warmest season of the year; These flowers can be planted in pots or directly into the ground.


 Summer blooming plants are ideal for landscaping since they bloom during summer when most spring-blooming flowers have withered away.



1) Coneflower plant


 Coneflowers come in various colors, including purple, pink, white and yellow. It has a cone-shaped flower with bright petals.


 Coneflowers are usually planted from seeds or transplanted from another pot. The plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Coneflowers grow to a height of about 2 feet, depending on the type chosen for planting. Coneflower blooms from summer to early fall, with some seeds staying on the plant to provide flowers for the following year.


2) Milkweed plant


 Milkweeds are attractive perennials that come in white, pink, and purple varieties. It attracts butterflies to the garden because it has nectar-rich flowers that bloom during summer. Milkweeds can grow up to 3 feet high and should be kept shaded and provide good air circulation.


3) Blazing star plant


 Blazing stars, also known as gayfeather, are perennials with bright yellow flowers. The flowers bloom from summer to fall and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It grows up to 5 feet high.


4) Squirrel corn plant


 Squirrel corn blooms in mid-summer with bright red flowers that grow up to 1 foot high. It is hardy and can be planted in the ground and pots. Squirrel corn attracts hummingbirds to the garden.


5) Yarrow plant


 Yarrow is an attractive perennial featuring white or yellowish flower heads on top of green foliage. It blooms from summer to early fall and attracts butterflies, bees and birds into the garden. Yarrow grows up to 2 feet high.


6) Ajuga plant


 Ajuga or bugleweed is an evergreen perennial with purple flowers that bloom in the summer. They are also suitable for landscaping because of their low-growing foliage. Ajuga is attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds but requires total sun exposure; It can grow up to 1 foot tall.

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