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 Buying Plants at a TN Nursery: Consider Sun or Shade Exposure 


Tennessee is a fantastic place in the United States for having a garden or great landscaping design. Due to the tolerable conditions, the choices for plants are nearly limitless! With warm summers, mild winters, and plenty of rain, you have nearly optimal conditions for growing. So, how do you choose the right plants for your landscaping project?



Buy Sun or Shade Plants


 The first things you’ll think of are size, temperature and moisture tolerances, and definitely desirable appearance! Beyond that, it’s also important to consider the exposure needs of the plant. Some plants will grow happily in the full sun, others prefer shady spots, and some prefer a little of both. 




 The plants that are right for you depend on your location and where on your property they will be. It is important to consider the relation to fences, buildings, other plants, trees, the size of those trees, and how they all are impacted by the sun rising and setting. 




 Make sure that underneath a tree or on the shady side of the house, you use plants that prefer full shade. These plants will thrive in areas without needing the full sunlight of other varieties. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some plants can spend all day in the full sun hot conditions and do fantastic! Both options are great choices for when your area gets more or less sunlight. 




 Choosing the wrong location for a plant can have negative results. It is crucial to research the areas you intend to plant in, so you can discover whether you need full-sun, partial-shade, or shade plants. In your landscaping sketches, make a note three times a day of whether that area is in direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, or shade. 






 This will give you an idea of how much sunlight each area will receive. Also, consider the other trees, shrubs, or plants you have chosen and how they will impact the sun exposure to the area. Once you’ve got the idea, you can come into the nursery and look for plants you like that have the sun exposure required for each area of your project! 

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