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Trees that Mature to 20-Feet or More 

Shade trees keep homes and yards more enjoyable. Taller trees produce shade for larger areas, and they offer a safe nesting spot for birds and a variety of other wildlife. Homeowners have many possibilities when shopping for tall trees. Here are a few examples to consider.


The Hornbeam Tree


The various names also used for the hornbeam, like Ironwood, express the durability of its wood. Hornbeam trees rarely split or crack. The strength of the branches makes the hornbeam a great climbing tree, treehouse base, or swing location. The leaves change to vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange in Autumn. During the summer, the species grows a hop-like fruit. In addition to its popularity with humans, this tree also attracts small animals, birds, and butterflies.


The American Sycamore


Sycamore trees work beautifully in the yards of people who want to plant a tree that has the potential to become massive. The sycamore can grow to over 100 feet tall in the proper soil and live up to 200 years. Sycamores have long been a choice of furniture makers because of their quality.


Sycamore leaves vary from light green to yellow-green on the tops of mature trees. Sycamores produce small yellowish flower clusters with small fruiting balls in the spring. Homeowners can also tap the trees and make syrup from the sap.


The Elm Tree


Most Americans appreciate the beauty of a stately elm, evidenced by the tens of thousands of elm-lined streets around the country. The wood of elms makes furniture, boats, and musical instruments. The tree grows up to 100 feet, and the leaves change to a golden yellow in the fall.


Homeowners that want trees of 20 feet or taller have endless options. Choices can include evergreens, flower and fruit trees, and much more. The choices enable homeowners to create a unique landscape that meets their aesthetic preferences.

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