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Okame Cherry Tree 


 If you love Japanese cherry blossoms and are searching for a tree to plant, look no further than the Okame cherry tree. This tree is a hardy, long-blooming cultivar that produces large white flowers with yellow markings. The flowers come out in mid-April and beautify the trees for months. Midsummer blossom is also spectacular, promising a golden glow to counterbalance the ivory clouds against the blue sky.


 The Okame cherry tree is a good choice for those gardeners who live in areas that suffer from early frosts because it has a very long flowering period, sometimes lasting until as late as May. No matter when it finally finishes blooming, the tree's colorful bark and exciting branches are hard to miss. The bark develops into a red-brownish hue courtesy of the branches' twisted growth and position over time.


 One of the things about this particular cherry tree is that it grows big, sturdy, and slowly. Don't worry about the tree getting too big or too tall for your yard: at its full maturity, it will be a small tree with a height of between seven and fifteen feet. It can reach a height up to twenty feet during its first few years. However, no matter how quickly or slowly it grows initially, the Okame cherry tree will not grow more than twenty feet ever again. Nor is it likely to spread out that much, to begin with.


 This tree is a beautiful ornament and a good choice for Japanese gardens. It is also resistant to all known diseases and pests and suitable for areas where invasive plants are common. Even though this tree has narrow leaves and tiny blossoms, it gets enough water through the winter months, thanks to its long taproot and deep taproot system. That means that the soil surrounding the roots stays moist at all times.

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