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Shrubs Under 3 Feet at Maturity 

Lowbush Blueberry


 The Lowbush Blueberry shrub is low-lying and can be an attractive ground cover. Also known by its proper name, Vaccinium Angustifolium, the Lowbush Blueberry reaches a height of about two ft. tall at maturity. This beautiful plant should be planted about 1 to 2 ft. apart from one another. It is attractive foliage that you can mix in with other plants. These fruit-producing plants need regular insect pollination. Likewise, pruning is also a must. 


 The colorful and flavorful berries will thrive in full sunlight. The Lowbush Blueberry bush provides spring flowers and edible fruit with a gorgeous landscape shrub. Blueberries need regular watering during the growing season. If the soil is too heavy, this plant will not thrive. There are many ways to improve drainage, including a course of textured sand. Whether for show or consumption, the Lowbush Blueberry is an all-around favorite.



Pink Spirea


 A beautiful butterfly attractor, the Pink Spirea grows to a mature size of about two ft. tall. This deciduous shrub offers vibrant, pink flowers during its flowering season. During the Spring months, the foliage shows a dark burgundy color. There are many variations of the Pink Spirea shrub. All of which have a unique foliage color that will bring beauty to any outdoor area. 


 Pink Spirea is a well-known, thorny plant that is very resistant to deer. This easy-to-grow shrub needs partial to full sun to flourish. Its beautiful foliage makes an excellent border plant that will bloom in late Spring. As for maintenance, this shrub is adaptable to moist, well-drained soils. With minimal trimming and maintenance needed, this gorgeous shrub is excellent for landscaping areas. It reveals vibrant foliage in both Spring and Summer. The vibrant flowers are stunning in any outdoor setting.

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