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Most nurseries and garden centers send plants by common carrier or third-party shippers. A few of the larger stores will pack their plants, but that is usually done on a contract basis for large plant producers. Before you order your plants, check to see if they ship at all - it would be disappointing to place an order only to find out later that they do not ship to your area. If they don't ship, you can always arrange to have the plants sent to a local nursery or other business that makes deliveries and have them forwarded to you.


 The best shipping container-grown stock is when the plants are dormant and leafless. In most areas, this is in the winter months, but different climates have different rules. In southern Florida, it's best to ship from late November through February (austral summer). In northern Florida and South Carolina, January and February are best. When shipped during these periods, trees arrive in good condition without insect or disease damage.



 It is essential to keep in mind that even though dormant plants will arrive alive, they may not grow as well as those sold locally. To ship successfully, the plants must be thoroughly root-bound and kept moist during transport. If roots dry out even slightly, they will die. Also, during the winter months, the sun is not as strong as it is in summer, so growth may be slowed or stopped altogether. 



 Spring is generally not a good time to ship container-grown stock because of the longer exposure to weather; in some cases, shipment will be delayed until summer. Fall is a better time for shipping in some areas because the plants will naturally be dormant and root-bound. Many nurseries schedule their fall plant sales around this period ( September and October ). If possible, purchase plants in the fall rather than the spring.



 Therefore, Early spring and late fall shipments are not recommended in most areas of the country. The plants are either too cold (early spring) or too far from ready for sale (late fall).


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