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Hedwigia Moss

 Sometimes all you need is a little moss. Hedwigia Moss is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly way to spruce up your dry patches or entire lawn. It's perfect for any area in zones 4-9 and is especially useful in shady areas. It's a lush carpet of moss that requires no watering, fertilizing, or mowing - just a little love and care!


 New York Fern

 The New York Fern is a versatile plant for your garden. The fern is a perennial that can be used as a border plant. It grows well in the sun and shade and has fronds that taper at the top toward the base, creating a triangular shape. The bright green in spring becomes more of golden color in the fall. Plant one today!


 Bishops Weed

 Bishops Weed is a gorgeous ground cover perfect for any shady garden. Bishop's Weed is a versatile and hardy plant that's great for ground cover and has a lot of different uses. It grows well in the shade and is perfect for those who don't want to go wedding. The leaves are rich green with white markings and bloom into fluffy bunches of flowers in the spring and summer.



 Daffodils are perennials that grow well in zones 3-8 and bloom in the spring. The flowers bloom into large yellow trumpets that are repellent to deer, rabbits, and other animals. They will last for years. Daffodils are a beautiful addition to any garden and are easy to care for. 


 Red Maple Live Stake

 Look no further if you're looking for a fast-growing tree that can grow in both sun and shade. Red Maple Live Stake is the tree for you. The leaves are green but turn a fiery, vibrant red in the fall season, and it is fast-growing. This tree is perfect for those who want to plant a tree quickly and easily. This fast-growing tree can be grown in zones 3-9 and grow 2-3 feet per year. This low-maintenance tree is commonly used in landscaping and making maple syrup.

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